Monday, June 22, 2009

I love eyeliner, escpecially liquid eyeliner.

I remember at the age of 12(the age I could first
wear cosmetics) I bought my first eyeliner, which
was actually a pencil, I stuggled just trying to
draw it on the edge of my eyelids. It was such
a pain, that for a while I would forgo eyeliner
altogether and just wear eyeshadow and mascara.

It wasn't until about 10 years later that I tried
liquid eyeliner and I've been hooked since.

Fast forward to now when I recently tried Loreal's
HiP(High-Intensity Pigments) Kohl Eyeliner that
I realized I sorta stepped out of the liquid liner
zone. Could it be possible that I would actually
like other forms of eyeliner? Well, find out....

On the outside, it looks a lot like liquid eyeliner
with the tube and all. But once you open it, you will
discover it really is more like a powder(hence it's
kohl based formula). I took out the little brush that
resembles a pen and noticed what looked like tiny
little(redundant, much?) powders on the brush and
in the tube....and I fretted when I realized that
it truly wasn't liquid eyeliner was so easy to draw it on your lash line.
I loved how it went on so easily, just like liquid
liner, and thus giving you precision perfect color
on your lash line.

Now I'm going to rave about the colors. What I really
like most about Loreal's HiP line is that they have
bold, fun makeup-kind of like MAC, only cheaper. The
two eyeliners I tried was Navy Kohl and
Gold Kohl. There are six shades to choose from-
see below.

My personal favorite? I really like the Navy Kohl
because it brings out the natural blue in my eyes. But
the Gold Kohl is fun too when you're going for
a sexy, funky party girl look. Both the colors really
make your eyes pop in a good way.

All of Loreal's HiP and other cosmetics are available at
your local Walgreens
and other drugstores.

*All posts with an astrick indicate that this was a
beauty review of a free product or gift to the blogger.
Remember that any post with such does not mean that
every review will be a positive one as all my reviews
are from an honest point-of-view.


speel00 said...

I love it! It works so well. :)

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sjgriffith said...

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K. said...

How do I open the hi intensity kohl liner? I'd really like to try it, but can't get it open. Thx