Sunday, August 31, 2008

August's Online Sales

It is the last day of August and its also Labor Day weekend,
so why not shop a little? Here are some of the best sales
currently online. Now you can shop and save your energy.

The Body Shop:Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off Sale,Save On Their Best Selling Items
All This Week(Through Sept 6) 20% Off Of Your Entire Purchase

Newport News:Last Chance Summer Sale,Save Up To 70% Off!

Spiegel:Summer Style Sale,Save Up To 85% Off

Aldo Shoes:
Up To 50% Off And Take An Extra 30% Off Sandals

Bebe:50% Off Labor Day Sale

Rampage:20% Off Every Purchase Of $60 Or More

MetroStyle:20% Off All Denim + Labor Day Sale

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cult of Cherry is MAC's newest line of Fall/Winter makeup
collection,and judging by the sexy,sultry shades I am going to make a safe bet this line will start a cult following. Check out the line and video(which is pretty cute).

All in all,the shades are deep and rich yet fun and playful.
Some of the shades are more daytime,and othes are more for
night. But you can mix things up if you want,try out
different looks,its all about play. Here's the

The line includes Lipstick,the New Mattene Lipstick,Tinted Lipglass,Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer in mostly limited edition shades. Check out my shade chart below,click on it for
a better view.

The Lipstick comes in five shades and only three of them
are limited edition:Creme Cerise,Lightly Ripe and So
Scarlet. O and Russian Red are here to stay. Two of
the shades are neutral,one's brown and 2 are truly
reds. Russian Red is the most vibrant and So
Scarlet is a deeper shade.

Mattene Lipstick is a new lipcolor that is not only more
intense,it has a semi-matte finish so it doesn't look so
obvious. It also moisturizes. Three of the colors are
neutral,and the one vibrant shade is more berry than

Tinted Lipglass brings vibrancy and shine to the gloss.
The line's namesake gloss Cult of Cherry brings bright
red and deep all in one. The other four shades are
equally enchanting:sheer pinkish Cherry Blossom,
brownish muave Liquer,sheer grape Jampacked and
frosty red Rich & Ripe.

The line's eyeshadow quads come in three sets to mix
and match different looks. You've got-
Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow X 4:two purplish shades,a deep blue and
neutral creme shade.

Spiced Chocolate Eyeshadow X 4:chocolate
brown,warm pumpkin,deep purple, and a sheer creme.

Tempting Eye Shadow X 4:camel brown
deep brown,vivid green,and a peachy shade.

Now there are only two shades of the Nail Lacquer.
You've got the deep purple of Illegal Purple and
a frosty taupe of Silverstruck.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next month there will be a huge fashion and style event located
at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine California,which is
located in the stylish Orange County.

The event is being held from September 8th(Monday) through the
13th(Saturday) and all week there will be fashion shows and
store events. But the main draw? The House of Style Event
which will be a bit of a tribute and a gallery featuring
the influence of SoCal's style.

Among the other events you will be able to:

Shop at The Buckle with a personal stylist to help you select the
best jeans for you. Appointments requested.

Take advantage of the free classes at Lululemon Athletica.

Check out Marie Claire and H&M's shopping event where you
can listen to a DJ spinning tunes,make a purchase of at
least $50 or more to get 20% off,enter to win a H&M
gift certificate of $250 and meet the Marie Claire
fashion director for a personal styling session.

Watch fashion shows from Lauren Conrad Collection,Best of Macy's,
Seventeen Magazine,Marie Claire Magazine and H&M,Spectrum
Collection,and Nordstrom Fall Collection.

For more details,schedules and more information
Style Week OC

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Imagine diving into an ocean and coming out. Okay go back
and imagine that your hands are very dry,now imagine that
you go back and dive into the sea. Come out,your hands
are now soft. Can't imagine that? Well now it could
be next to reality with H20 Plus Moisturzing Marine
Hand Cleanser.

Its a foaming hand soap that contains nutrients from
the ocean like wakame,sea lettuce,and fennel. It
leaves your hands as soft as they should be.
After using this you'll never want another
handsoap again.

Available at Ulta

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check out Fall Fashion 2008:Rocker Chic Style.

Summer may almost be over but that does not stop the newest
crop of floral designs from the Fall 2008 fashion lines.
Its fresh,it seems new,its fun and feminine. What's not
to love?

The thing about floral print is(other than being a primarily
spring trend) that it can be very very very tricky.
Why is that? Some floral printed garments make you look
like a fashion victim,like you took your grandmother's
curtains and turned them into something. To keep from
looking seriously outdated follow these tips:

1-Don't wear a print thats overwhelmingly large for
your figure because its just busy.

2-If you're wearing separates,wear and floral and a
solid. Never wear two different florals together. And
if you are wearing a floral garment,don't add floral
bags or accessories.

3-If you choose floral accessories, thing large
floral prints(like on the lovely Elaine Turner bag
down below.

4-Floral blouses and tops always look best with
blue jeans and black dress pants. You can also
dress up your menswear pants with a floral

Here are some of the best examples of the floral
trend out there.

Stay tuned for more Fall 2008 fashion trend coverage.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here's the latest links and scoop to some of the best current
contests and sweepstakes on the web.

Benefit and ShopBop's Great NYC Getaway
Win a trip to New York City,Shopping Sprees,Meet a Stylist,
Check out a Broadway show and much more!

GlamAlert and Smashbox Swag Bags Giveaway
Win a Smashbox swag bag filled with cosmetics worth over $1000

Max and Chloe Shopping Spree
Win a Shopping Spree to Max and for $500

Conde Nast Traveler Hard Rock San Diego Sweepstakes
Win a trip to San Diego,Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel,$500
Shopping Spree,Spa Treatments and much more!

Sally Beauty Supply Sends You To Las Vegas
Win A Trip To Las Vegas

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer is almost over so you got to savor what last bit you
can. And don't miss the end of summer sales to stock up on
basics as well as what you wanted all summer but did not
get. Here's a few extra things to accumulate before
summer ends,so hurry up a little,they won't stay in
stock for long.

Penn sandals by Jessica Simpsonavailable at Macy's

Take a walk on the wild side with these sexy sandals. With
wedge heels and peep toes these sandals are perfect for
day and night. These slingback wedges are made with
fabric,grosgrain trim,wedge heels and a man made
sole. Also in tiger print

Ella Moss Black Label Margot Dressavailable at Nordstrom

Sundresses are a summer essential but this silk dress will carry
you into the fall. And even though this is a striped dress,the
stripes are diagonal for a more flattering approach. There are
so many ways to wear this dress like adding a blazer for work.
This is a tierred slipdress with spaghetti straps.

Pure Fiji Coconut Shower Gel and Milk Bathavailable at

Pure Fiji's beauty products offer a spa like experience with
exotic smells. Pure Fiji Milk Bath mixes up coconut with a
little starfruit and leaves you with silky smooth skin.
The Milk Bath also contains antioxidants and essential
oils. Pure Fiji's Coconut Shower Gel also contains
coconut milk,but this time its mixed up with
passionflower. It also contains sugar cane
and botanical extracts.

Stella McCartney Sheer Stella Fragranceavailable at Sephora

This limited edition summer scent is a warm fruity floral with
peony,white freesia,morning rose,pink pepper,white musk, and
raspberry. Its warm,its fresh and it just smells wonderful.

Salt Box Small Tote In Poolavailable at Lord and Taylor

This cute small blue printed canvas bag is perfect for anytime.
Take it on weekends,to the beach or swimming pool,or on vacays;
this is the ultimate stylish bag whenever wherever. This bag
has snap closures,interior zippered pockets,and it comes
with a matching coin case. Also in banana yellow and
kiwi green.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For the first time in a long time,fall style leans toward color,
femininity and bold looks. No matter what look you are going
for this fall you are bound to find something you like. This
guide will not only show you whats hot for fall,it will also
guide you towards real looks that are not only totally
wearable,but even affordable. I am excited for fall,
are you?

Today's look is Bold Rocker Chic:the look is defined as edgy,
fun,80's inspired elements. Black is a good choice but not
the only way to achieve the look. Metallics,reds,grommeted
accessories also qualify. If you want to add a dash of
femininity,try a corset style top or dress. If you
want to test the waters but are a bit afraid,
stick with accessories such as a grommeted
clutch or black ankle boots.

Here's a few extra tips:
1-If you don't feel like wearing skinny jeans,go for
straight leg in black. Its much more flattering.

2-Stock up on cute tees with logos of rock legends
you love such as Kiss or Led Zeppelin.

3-Leather is good,get at least one leather item
such as a jacket or a pair of boots.

4-A really easy trick to make net sleeves is to
cut a pair of nylons. Cut of the feet,crotch,
and waist until you are just left with the
legs. Slide on your arms and voila!

5-The 1 accessory every rock star has is

Here are my picks

Stay tuned for more from the Fall Trend Guide

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alright,I found this link on MSN,so click and see it
for yourself,Fashion Fads

Its actually a slide show. Lets see what they say.

1.Shoulder Pads-Worn by the late Princess Diana
Yep I will agree with my mom,who actually removed
shoulder pads off her blouses and jackets. I mean
its fine to have huge shoulders if you are a man
(particularly if you're a football player),but
the appearance of big shoulders on women not
only look out of proportion,but make them
also look a bit like clowns. Ridiculous.

2.Ponchos-Worn by J.Lo
Actually I have a poncho that I love. Its a sage green
knit poncho,but its light. Perfect for cooler fall and
spring days. Now the poncho J.Lo is wearing makes her
look like nanook! If you do wear a poncho please
make it knit and more fashiony,otherwise it will look
like someone cut a hole in the middle of their
grandmothers hideous blanket and threw it over
your head.

3-Spandex Pants-Worn by Debbie Harry
Is it Halloween already? Fine for a costume,if you dare,
but as a regular everyday outfit? I don't think so. I
think they pretty much summed it up in the article,
there are too many pitfalls for most women wearing
them. Clothes are supposed to flatter and hide
flaws,not expose them.

4-Midi Length Skirts-Worn by Doris Day
Actually I disagree with this whole heartly. You can't
wear a mini to work, and floor-length would
look dowdy,so what do you wear? Midis are fine
in my humble opinion. Honestly? I am so sick
of seeing teeny tiny skirts,and midis are a
bit refreshing. Keep the minis,but add a
few midis from time to time to keep your
look fresh.

5-Big Hair-Worn by Dolly Parton
Its a safe bet to say anything worn by Dolly is a big
no-no! Sure you can store some small accessories in
it but other than that,why? This is yet another
example of the completely ludicrous things some
will do to look stylish. There comes a time
when you cross the trend line from being
truly stylish to truly hopeless.

6-Stirrup Pants-Worn by models
Confession time:I had a pair of these as a child. I
think they were part of a Beauty and The Beast pant
set. I now shudder. It kinda looks like extra long
tight pants that got worn off at the heel. Please
tell me they don't make these anymore!

7-Visible Thongs-Worn by Gillian Anderson
There's a reason its called underwear,its
supposed to be worn underneath your other
clothes. There's nothing sexy about it. It just
makes you look,well you know..... its a major

8-Mullets-Worn by Michael Bolton
Yet another hair-y situation and a big DON'T! Anyway
isn't a mullet supposed to be a fish? Why choose a
hairstyle named after a fish? But even if it was
called something different the fact would remain
the same,mullets have always been a no. Don't
even ask.....

9-Shrugs-Worn by Shalom Harlow
I admit they are cute,but shrunken clothes should be worn
with caution. Don't wear them over something that already
has long sleeves,don't wear them with pedal pushers,and
don't wear them over loosely fit clothes. They can be
tricky to wear,you don't want to look like your
clothes have shrunk.

10-Harem Pants-Worn by Naomi Campbell
Brace yourself....they are coming back! Unless you're a
genie,these pants just aren't happenin'. They look like
balloons because they are loose fitting and tapered at
the bottom. Really harem pants are just plain foolish.

11-Acid-wash jeans-Worn by Taryn Manning
Grunge is grunge,style is style. You can make grunge stylish,
but acid wash jeans are still out of question. The acid wash
makes denim lose it denim-y appeal. If you want light pants
wear white pants or jeans.

12-Low Rise Jeans-Worn by Lisa Butcher
Believe it or not,low rise can sometimes be better! It sits
low on your hips,so it doesn't go over your waist and
expose a slight belly flab. Granted you should not
wear them with tiny tees,they look best with long
tees,blouses and tunics. And a good belt does

What do you think?

I love,love,love Juicy Couture,and so I am very excited to introduce my readers to their newest perfume:Viva
La Juicy!

What does it smell like? A bit exotic(Wild berries),and
a bit like a southern belle(Praline). It also contains
gardenia,juicy mandarin,vanilla,sandalwood,amber, and
caramel. In essence,its lovely enough for the couture,
and wild enough for the juicy. As a bonus it comes
tied with a fuschia wrap,and dangling charms.

You can pre-order it on the Juicy Couture website.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August Online Reads

Every month I post links to worthy reads from the beauty
and fashion realm. What does Shop In Chic pick this
month? Click on!

The One Hot Trend Thats Not So Hot
Believe me,its so not jean-ius

How To Get The Most Coveted Hair Styles
Print this and hand it to your hair stylist,he'll thank you

Pump Up The Volume
How to get bigger hair,lashes,and lips

A New Must Read Beauty Blog
Its from a familiar website....

A Stylish Take On The Technology Life
Okay so this isn't a beauty blog,but it gives a stylish take on the virtual reality world

An 80's Icon Turns 50

Okay its Madonna!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Store Spotlight:Lush

There is nothing better than enviromentally friendly beauty
products,Lush offers just that!

Lush USA
Lush Canada

Not only are their beauty products handmade,they also contain
organic fruit and vegtables,essential oils and safe natural
synthetics. Best of all? No animal testing(I really love
products that don't test on animals). In fact they're
so good that they are up for the 2008 VeggieAwards
from VegNews Magazine.
Vote now.

Lush has actual shops in the USA and Canada,check the
website for your nearest location. You can also buy
their goods online. They sell everything from
perfumes,soaps,haircare products,body care
and even stuff your boyfriend,husband or
kids might want.

Their bestsellers include fizzy bath bombs
such as the Geo Phyzz(turns your bathtub
into a spa and smells like a forest),
and lotions like Dream Cream Body
Cream(this herbal cream leaves
your skin silky smoothe.

Geo Phyzz Fizzy Bath Bomb

Dream Cream Lotion

They also sell a variety of a variety,like you can choose
from tradtional spritz on fragrances or solid perfumes.
You can also choose from bottled and solid shampoos,
henna hair dyes that mix henna with coffee or lemon
juice as a natural alternative. They also sell lip
balms like Lip Sqeak that tastes like apple pie.

Lip Squeak Lip Balm

Check out Lush for some of the best natural products out there!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blushing Made Easy

Just in time for autumn,Clinique has come up
with a blush so easy to use.

Blushwear Cream Stick looks and feels like a cream blush,but once your glide it on your cheekbones it turns to powder and makes blending that much easier.

Unfortunatly it only comes in four shades so far:Glow Blush(a nudish pink),Peachy Blush(a warm pink),Rosy Blush(a darker pink)and Shy Blush(reddish pink). They are oil-free and do not dry out your skin.Check out the color chart,click on images
for a better view.

Just dab a little blush on your face and blend with your brush or
powder puff. Remember a little goes a long way. Mix one of the
lighter shades with a little bronzer for a bit of allover

What new products are you excited about?

Love Your Lashes!

First they came up with Supernova Mascara,which really defines lashes beautifully. Now Fresh offers another choice,Firebird Mascara!

Whats so great about this new mascara,you might ask and I'll tell ya!
Not only does this enhance your lashes like never before,it also
nourishes them. It contains panthenol,red algae extract and
seabuckthorn berry oil to strength and condtion.

The brush is specially designed to give you longer feather-like
lashes, and it also curls them(no need for a lash curler). It volumizes,lengthens,strengthens your lashes all the while
giving them a retro-edge of the seventies. This mascara
really works wonders. This mascara extends your lash
length the same way false lashes do,only this is a
lot easier to use.

I highly reccommend this product to anyone looking for a perfect mascara!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Congragulations to the winners! There were only 14 entries, and only 1 first prize winner,but Theraplex will send the other 13 entrants a small prize.

The First Prize Winner Is:Ashlee!
Theraplex will send you a Theraplex Combo Pack.
I have sent you an e-mail so you can redeem your

And the other winners:

They won Theraplex Emollient Travel-sized lotions!
If you are on this list,I have already sent you an e-mail
so you can find out how to redeem your prize.

If you have any questions e-mail me at

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Remember yesterday's awesome post about Theraplex?

My friends at Theraplex are giving away a great prize!

First Prize-
One lucky winner will win a Theraplex Combo Pack
that includes:
8 oz. Theraplex Clearlotion
8 oz. Theraplex Hydrolotion
4.3 oz. Theraplex Emollient

Retail Value of prize pack:$45.00

Also, Respond to this post you could also win 1 of 50 Theraplex
Travel sized Emollient lotions. Just leave an e-mail address
with your response. 50 winners will be chosen on the same day.

The Rules-
This is a giveaway. Just fill out the entry form and
enter. One entry per person. This contest is open to
U.S.A residents only. Entrants must have a valid address,
no P.O. Boxes allowed. You don't have to leave a response
to win first prize,but if you do leave a response with
your e-mail you could win one of the second prizes(the
travel sized emollient).

This contest starts:Wednesday August 6 and ends on
Monday August 11 12:00 pm EST. I have just extended
this contest for the weekend.

Good luck to all that enter.

Go ahead and tell your friends about this giveaway.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Miracle For Dry Skin

I have had a dry skin problem for years,and even though
I currently live on the east coast,its still something
I battle. I have also tried many different lotions,which
to my dismay have always felt slick and greasy. And a few
of the lotions that are not greasy don't work as well.

I have just discovered Theraplex,a line of skincare products that are formulated by actual dermatologists.

Back in 1990,Swiss scientest Dr. H.R. Suess created and
patented a special formula that contained petrolatum
that could work as a moisturizer and skin protective
barrier. They have four products that work beautifully
for those with seriously parched skin.

Not only does these products work,they are also noncomedogenic,
hypoallergenic,fragrance free and they don't test on animals.

Clear Lotion-
Don't be fooled,this is definitly lotion even though it
feels and looks like a pure liquid. Rub this lotion on
your dry skin right after a shower so your skin can seal
in moisture. My skin definitely felt softer after the
first use. You can also use this a makeup remover or to
help soothe a sunburn.

This not only works as a daily face moisturizer,you can
also use it on your body. I put this on right before my
makeup,and I swear it could work as a primer,my makeup
stayed on. This is also great for those with acne and
those with hypoallergenic skin who have a hard time
finding the ideal moisturizer.

FT Exfoliating Emollient-
Ideal for extra dry feet,I put this on right after I
used the Clear Lotion. It works wonderfully. Even though
it says it exfoliating,you don't wash this off. My feet
are no longer feeling so dry and itchy. You can also use
this on other really dry areas. This lotion is a bit
thicker than most,but its not greasy at all.

This looks and feels a lot like Exfoliating Emollient,
and again this is ideal for all dry skin including
Eczema and Psoriasis among others. Luckily I don't
have those problems,but I still found benefit from this.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Burberry The Beat is the newest fragrance from guess......Burberry! This fragrance is very energetic for a woodsy floral based scent. Just smelling this wonderful scent makes me feel energetic,which helps when I write my blog. Its so sexy and dynamic.

Its ingredients include ceylon tea,white musk,vetiver,cedarwood,
bergamot,cardamom,iris,mandarin,pink pepper and bluebell. All in
all its a fun,feminine fragrance that I can imagine Britsh models
wearing. I would take a wild guess that this will be the
fragrance of Fall 2008!

Here's the recent list of current sales as according to
the Sunday advertisments. Check your local ads for more

Revlon Lip,Mascara,Eye Shadows and Liners Buy 1 Get 1 Free
All Cover Girl Blush,Foundation,Powder and Concealer Buy 1 Get 1 Free
All Revlon Blush,Foundation,Powder and Concealer Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Vaseline Lotion $5.99
All Clean and Clear Products Save $1
Got2b Styling Products Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Loreal Sublime Glow and Sublime Bronze $7.99
Sally Hansen Hair Removal Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

Loreal Bare Naturale Eye and Lip Cosmetics $7.99
Select Loreal Anti-Aging Products 25% Off
Klear Action Acne Kit $9.99
Olay Cleansers and Toners Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Loreal Colour Expert and Dream Blonde Hair Color $11.99
Chemistry Haircare Products $4.99
Scunci Hair Accessories Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

Rite Aid-
John Frieda Frizz Ease Haircare Products Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off
Sunsilk Haircare Products 2 for $6
Revlon Beyond Natural Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Almay Face and Eye Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Cover Girl Lip and Eye Cosmetics Buy 1 Get 1 Free
The Healing Garden/Calgon Bath Products Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Nair Hair Remover Products Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara $2.99
Almay Intense I-Color eye shadow and Mascara $5
Xhilaration Women's Tissue Tees and Women's Woven Boxers 2 for $14
Xhilaration Women's Mix and Match Underwear 3 for $9
Merona Women's Fleece Hoodie $14.99
Merona Women's Baby Knit Cable Halter $12.99
Merona Women's Stretch Cami $7

Friday, August 1, 2008

Its always tops and bottoms,sometimes dresses. But what
about the days you cannot coordinate your clothes? Why
not wear a jumpsuit? Surely you can wear a stylish dress,
but a jumpsuit takes it up a notch,gives you a bit of a
retro seventies feeling,and its perfect for parties. You
can also wear casual sporty jumpsuits during weekends,too.

Rompers are also tres cute,as long as they don't look like
something fitness guru Richard Simmons would wear. Rompers
are a summer fashion staple and look best as kept casual
with flip-flops and a tote bag.

One caveat:jumpsuits and rompers are usually designed with
either casual or serious in mind. Don't wear a summery
casual romper to an elegant party,and don't wear a serious
jumpsuit to a weekend picnic. They are not like separates
or even dresses,where they can work for multiple occassions.