Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Olay Professional Pro-X is a new line from the affordable
brand of skin care Olay. This line actually makes your skin
act younger, therefore making it appear younger.

I tried the Olay Professional Pro-X Starter Protocol which is
a kit with three of their skin care products. It includes Age
Repair Lotion SPF 30
, Eye Restoration Complex, and
Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. You use these products in the
morning and the evening every day for at least 28 days to
notice younger and softer looking skin.

I started using this nearly two weeks ago, and I've gotta say
that it already is working. My crows feet and dark circles seem
to have lessen dramatically. My skin feels softer and appears more
dewy. I really like this stuff!

Here's how it works: start your morning with Age
Repair Lotion SPF 30
, and Eye Restoration Complex,
end your evening with Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and
Eye Restoration Complex. The kit recommends 28 days,
but I've been lucky to notice results much sooner.

You can buy Olay Professional Pro-X Starter Protocol at Derma
for $61.49.

When it comes to eye makeup the simpler the better.
Sometimes I will stare at my eye makeup and try to
contemplate which would look better, so its just
easier to use a kit that you know contains every
little item that you want need.

Here'a a fantastic kit thats got everything I could possibly
need: Benefit Cosmetics Primpcess Glamorous Eye Primping Kit.

Benefit Cosmetics Primpcess Glamorous Eye Primping
really has everything you could want in the
eye makeup department: including Bad Gal Mascara
and Bo-ing Concealer. You also got three eye
shadows, eye brightener, liner, concealer brush, and
dual-end shadow brush. Oh, and did I forget to mention
it also comes with step by step instuctions?

Benefit Cosmetics Primpcess Glamorous Eye Primping
Kit is $34.00 at Amazon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

If you love Givenchy fragrances, then you will love this
new limited edition summer fragrance. Very Irresistable
Givenchy Summer Sorbet is sexy mixture of fresh florals
including rose, star annise, violet, and verbena.

Buy Very Irresistable Givenchy Summer Sorbet at Sephora and Perfume Avenue.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Web Reads

A New Big Bang Theory

Lip gloss is a must in my makeup bag, particularly lip gloss
that plumps up your lips. Unfortunately that usually means
a colored gloss that leaves a slight tingly sting on your
lips, but that is so not the case with Big Bang Illusion
Gloss by Lipstick Queen. This formula is made up of tiny
particles of shimmer that work as an illusion of plumper

Absolutely amazing!

This lip gloss comes in eight luscious shades-each with a
cosmic inspired name. My favorite shades are Black Hole,
Energy, Infinite, and Expansion-as these
shades of red and pink seem to be universally flattering. I'm
not too sure about Time as the color seems to be a little
too gold to be worn on lips. Look at the color chart below-click
photo to enlarge.

Big Bang Illusion Gloss by Lipstick Queen- available at
SpaceNK(both USA and UK websites).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in 2004, Jennifer Baum Lagdameo started her vintage
inspired handbag line Ananas. Made from Italian leather,
wooden hardware, and natural embellishments- making these
luxurious handbags as unique as they are stylish. No wonder
everyone in New York City(even celebrities like Cameron Diaz
and Anne Hathwaway) are in love with these bags!

After running several successful pop-up stores/sample sales
(the most recent in NoLita), Jennifer decided to keep the
boutique open as a permanent shop. And we're ecstatic!

Her large boutique not only sells her beloved handbags, but
also colorful custom scarves(made of silk or cotton) and
hand-crafted Filipino jewelry. You will also find limited
edition bags sold exclusively at this boutique.

All of her designs are made in New York City. And whenever
you purchase a handbag from the Ananas Collection, a tree
will be planted in the Philippines, as part of the Trees
For The Future
non-profit organization that beautifies
the world one tree at a time.

248 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012

And now a discount for my readers: print out this page and
present it at the location above for 20% discount! Happy

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bright colors have shown up on clothes, shoes, bags, and
now thanks to Bobbi Brown- you can literally brighten up
your eyes with the limited edition Bobbi Brights Eye
. This is a kit that contains 35 bright colors-
everything from pink, blue, green, purple, coral, and yellow.

Here's a list of the colors found in the kit.

Click both images to enlarge photos.

And the kit's fold-out compact features a full-size mirror!

You can buy Bobbi Brights Eye Palette at Neiman Marcus.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Sales

Windsor offers Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more-use promo code Promdress70

Aeropostale's Spring 2009 Sale-Save up to 30% Off

Miss Selfridge's Mid season sale

Pink Ice's Graphic Tee Sale-Save up to 30% Off!

Oasis's Mid season sale of selected items

Boots.com -save £5 on select skincare

Friday, March 20, 2009

One of the most vibrant trends this spring is a splash of
color. Whether it's solid or a bold print, vivid shades
are making a huge style statement. Some may be your favorite,
but some shades may actually make you think twice before
actually purchasing the garment. Here are some of my choices
for vivid spring clothes

Jay Godfey Strapless Maxi Dress at Neiman Marcus for $425

Michael Kors Pink Trench Jacket at Bluefly for $114

Cotton Dobbie Blouse at Oasis for £20.00

Per Una 3/4 Sleeve Bolero at Marks & Spencer for £19.50

Solid Gauze Wrap Pants at C & C California for $88

High Waisted Blue Pique Pencil Skirt at Banana Republic for $59

Trina Turk Printed Dress at ASOS for £185

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's no secret that I bleach my hair. As you can guess,whenever
I try a new shampoo(conditioner or any other hair product) I always
wonder if it will either turn my hair brassy. This time when I tried
Loreal's newest line of hair care products EverPure, I didn't worry at

First of all Loreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner lack
sulfates and harsh salts, plus it has natural botanicals and is 100%
vegan! I always seem to gravitate to more natural products.

When I washed my hair with Loreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo, I
was pleasantly surprised that my hair actually felt softer. Usually my
hair doesn't feel that way until after I conditioned my hair. And
the conditioner only enhanced the softness(and the shine). Designed
with their Anti-Fading System, Loreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo
and Conditioner left my hair much shinier, brighter(i.e. no
brassiness), leaving my to feel overall healthier. Both products
are made with rosemary and mint, which seemed a little
more fragrant in the conditioner.

And to make it easier to distinguish between the shampoo and
condtioner, the shampoo's pink cap is covered with a clear plastic cap.

You can buy Loreal's EverPure products at Walgreens.

Remember how I recently raved about Schick Intuition Plus?
I still love it, but now that I tried the new Gillette Venus
Embrace, I've gotta say that it would be a tough call to say
which one I would recommend more.

First off, Gillette Venus Embrace has five blades instead of four.
And even though this one does not have a skin conditioning solid,
it does feature moisture ribbons on either side of the blades that
help give you a smoother shave. And you still need to use shaving
gel. The handle has a soft grip which makes it easier to glide
across your legs and prevent nicks and cuts. It also comes with
a cute little showerpod that you can stick on the wall to make
it even easier.

All in all, I am very pleased with Gillette Venus Embrace. You
get a closer shave, a little extra moisture(thanks to the ribbons),
and no cuts. I can definitely see why it's the Number 1 Female
Shaving Brand in the World

You can buy Gillete Venus Embrace at Walgreens and Boots.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Athletic apparel and fashion seem to live in different
realms, but this season is an exception. According to
Style.com, utilitarian sporty is a new trend for this spring.

BCBG, Stella McCartney, Brian Reyes, and even
Missoni(among many others) showcased a casual yet
elegant take on hooded sweatshirts, jogging pants, and
even skirts. These clothes are definitely casual, but
not casual enough to actually wear while you're in the
gym. See below for some totally wearable looks.

Black Bench Vest Top at Republic for £19.56

Hard Tail Tank Dress at Dillard's for $60

Bebe Sport Camo Trim Vest at Bebe Sport for $59.00

Black Terry Bermuda Shorts at Old Navy for $16.50

LBH Wild Print Katmandu Tennis Dress at Tennis Warehouse for $61.99

Miso Jersey Batwing Top at Republic for £16.62

Black Jogging Jacket for £18, Black Sweatpants for £14 at Next

Baby Phat Turquoise Raglan Sleeve Tee at Lady Foot Locker for $34.99

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Regardless of the damages our hair has accrued over years
of bleaching and the use of curling/straigtening irons and
chemicals, we realize that it takes more than simple brushing,
to keep out locks looking their best. Sometimes we need to
really pamper our hair with a fantastic deep conditioning.
Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to put down that
hairdryer every once in awhile and simply let our hair dry
naturally. And sometimes you need to switch your hairbrush.

You can have all of the fancy brushes and tools in the
world, but if you don't have a quality hairbrush it
won't matter.

Right now I'm all about Mason Pearson hairbrushes.

There's a wide ranges of hair brushes to choose from, but
every single one of them is desgined for easy use and comfort
(love the cushion pad underneath the bristles). You can choose
between boar bristles, nylon bristles or a mix of

Mason Pearson Mixture Bristle Brushes
$72 and up at Amazon.
£44.00 and up at Chemist Direct.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Websites I Love

When I’m not writing, I am often found reading. Guess
what? I’m always reading? Fashion magazines, books and
websites(and that includes other blogs). I’m sorta
obsesssed. But I confess there is nothing better than
indulging in a piece of chocolate and reading something
good. I will give you a list of my favorite of the world
wide web of style. Many of these sites offer other reads
as well, such as celebrities, beauty, life, and

And what do you read?

Daily Candy
For the latest and greatest in anything, then you’ve got
to check out Daily Candy. Here’s where you can find out
about local boutiques that are opening near you, get a
healthy dose of culture, find out what’s going on this
weekend, and so much more. You can browse through many
editions including Everywhere(online); local(NYC, LA, Boston,
Dallas, etc), travel, deals, and even kids. You can also
subscribe to get daily email editions.

Style Bakery
Another moutwatering name for a website? Or a website for
the fashion addicted? The latter sums it up. Where else can
you find the perfect LBD, learn how to dress like an It Girl,
and watch fashion videos? Its all here.

This of this as the iVillage for the younger set of women
(past their teens, not quite in their mid-thirties). Like
the name says, most of this is a little glad-rag celeb oriented,
but you can find out valuable fashion, beauty, home decor, food,
and even parenting. And if that’s not enough, they frequently have
some great giveaways.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Want These Shoes!

For those of us who j’adore Gwen Stefani’s style and
Harujuku Lover’s line it is time to rejoice: Harukuku
Lover’s now makes fabulous footwear!

If you are a fan of Betsey Johnson’s colorful and bold
shoes, then chances are you’ll flip head over heels for
Gwen’s line of sexy wedges and darling pom-pom sandals.
Like her apparel and accessories, her shoe collection
is a little bit of a mix naughty nautical style, rock
and roll chic, and even a bit preppy. These styles are
most daring and fun!

Styles left to right: Luke, Leah Heel, Label Wedge,
and Layland.

You can buy all these styles and more Harujuku Lovers
shoes at Heels.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I don't usually wear faux lashes and nails too terribly
often, but since I'm writing a blog about beauty I've
got to try new stuff all the time.
Right now I'm going to totally rave about Revlon's
Fantasy Length False Lashes
, Color Allure Nails,
and Naturally Chic Nails.

Fantasy Length False Lashes
True to it name, Fantasy Length really gives you glamour
girl eyelashes. It's easy to use, even though I did have
a little trouble with the glue. The tiny little glue tube
reminded me a little bit of the hair color tubes(which was
sealed shut the same way and you're supposed to poke a tiny hole
with a plastic pointy thing on the lid), but this eyelash
glue didn't have anything like that. So I stuggled a bit at
first to open this teeny tiny tube of glue. But other than
that I had no problem with these eyelashes: they're fun, sexy,
and they really last!

Color Allure Nails and Naturally Chic Nails
Again these are easy to use and they last for days. Maybe its
because of the uber-strong glue? Its a lot like a real manicure
without the salon price. If you want perfectly painted nails
go with Color Allure, if you want a natural looking french
manicure the try Naturally Chic.

Buy Revlon faux lashes and nails at Walgreens.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The best way to look put-together without looking like you
even tried is the simple maxi dress. A bohemian staple, a
summer maxi dress can be as colorful, sexy, or elegant as
you want. Wear a maxi dress with flip flops(Havianas!) and
carry a cute summer tote bag(Juicy!) and you will look glam
yet casual. Wear a maxi dress with a blue denim jacket for
a sexy casual look for the evenings-also a great look for
fall. But I think the best thing about maxi sundresses is
the fact that they are so dang comfortable! Here a few
terrific finds I think you'll like(plus the links and

Yellow Mossimo Braided Halter Dress at Target for $22.99

Knotted Front Maxi Dress at Forever 21 for $22.80

Ralph Lauren Black Label Ramie Halter Dress at Neiman Marcus for $1,598

Totem Butterly Print Halter Maxi Dress at ASOS for £100

Floral Printed Maxi Dress at Next for £55

Diane von Furstenburg Geometric Print Dress at Bluefly for $239

BCBG Blue Tie-Dye Silk Maxi Dress at Bluefly for $ 174.00

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life is so complicated enough as it is, so why make it more
complex? I am all about making life easier, of course, one
tube of lipstick lipgloss at a time.

Sharon Rose recently did an awesome post reminding us the
importance of decluttering our closets. The same should
be said for our cosmetic bags. Look through your bags
actually throw out what we don't use, want, or need
anymore. You really only need ten items in your makeup
bag, just make sure they all fit! Here are the items
you need most and why.

Click the pic for a better look.

The Bag is by Kat von D.
1- Tweezers
Even if you have your eyebrows waxed regularly at a meticulous
salon, you still need these. Trust me!
Tweezerman Tweezers
2- Lash Curler
There is nothing sexier than perfectly curled lashes.
Shu Uemera Mini Lash Curler
3- Liquid Eyeliner
Pencil eyeliner works, but you still get the best look from a
liquid eyeliner. Try to find a lasting all-day water proof
Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner
4- Juicy Lipgloss
I'm a big believer in lipgloss simply because it looks much
more natural. Try to find one that plumps or your pucker.
Tarte Plump & Shine Lip Stain
5- Sexy Fragrance
Just add a little fragrance and suddenly the world seems a
little better. Hey, it works for me!
Caroline Herrera 212 Sexy Fragrance Mini
6- Small Makeup Palette
No need for eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and bronzer. Keep it
simple with a small palette with terrific colors.
Too Faced Glamour To Go Makeup Palette
7- Defining Mascara
Like the right eyelash curler, a good mascara will bring out
those peepers.
Benefit BadGal Mascara
8- Makeup Removing Wipes
You'll need these for emergency makeup mishaps because sometimes
a public bathroom will just not do.
Josie Maran Bear Naked Face Wipes
9- Face Moisturizer
The real foundation to perfect makeup.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
10- Concealer
Foundation is good, but its much better to cover flaws with a
good concealer.
Makeup Forever Concealer

P.S. I'm sorry I'm not posting the prices or leaving links
on this post today. I've been so busy lately! I promise this will
not be a habit though!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You can always count on Too Faced to come up with some of
the most elaborate makeup palettes out there. And they did
it again, this time for the hit book series turned movie
Confessions of a Shopaholic!

The palette is called Beauty Addict, it looks like a small
portable story book that you can keep in your purse and use
for touchups. It contains 15 pieces of cosmetics and of
course the applicators. You've got three eye shadows,
two brow powders, two cake eye liners, three
lip glosses
, two concealers, face illuminator,
bronzer, and blush. Everything but the mascara.
It's also limited edition(wah!).

Buy Too Faced Beauty Addict at Too Faced for $29.50

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't have a bathroom, I have a "laboratory". It is jam
packed with beauty products of all kinds including but not
limited to:shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, face washes,
body washes. You'd think I'm some sort of mad scientist, but no,
I'm just a beauty blogger. And I am always on the lookout
for products to simplify my shower routine and this is why I
am practically kicking myself for not trying Schick Intuition

The original Schick Intuition is a razor surrounded by a skin
conditioning solid that make the process easier as it conditions
and foams the way a shaving cream would.

Simply shave and moisturize at the same time.

Schick Intuition Plus-the one I recently tried- is practically
the same thing. Only this one has four blades and a pivoting head
that makes it easier to shave your legs. It doesn't get any easier
than this.

Long gone are the days of my klutzy ways. It is now so much quicker
to shave my legs in the shower. No cuts, no nothing. The skin
conditioning solid is so soft, it doesn't even feel like I am shaving
my legs.

And after all is done, I just use a little bit of moisturizer
(try CeraVe!).

Schick Intuition Plus comes in three different varieties:
Moisturizing Care Variety Pack
Sensitive Care
Refreshing Moisture

You can buy Schick Intuition Plus and the refills at CVS and PlanetRX.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Designers are now making jumpsuits appealing to even the most
finicky of fashionistas.

With all the stylish flexibility that separates give, its easy
to forget the simplicity of a jumpsuit. Formerly known as a 70's
reject, jumpsuits and rompers are back in full swing. Gone are
the cheesy one-pieces that were donned by the disco-era baby
boomers- today's jumpsuit comes in a multitude of styles, colors,
and even shapes.

Sassy Jumpsuits
Blue Modern Jumpsuit at Express $79.50

Star by Julien MacDonalad's Black Animal Print 2 in 1 Catsuit
at Debenham's for £60.00

Black Halo's Deep Purple Strapless Jumpsuit at Revolve Clothing for $371.00

Baby Phat Halter Capri Cuff Jumpsuit at Baby Phat for $98.00

Juicy Couture Terry Wide Leg Jumpsuit at Revolve Clothing for $198.00

Cute Rompers
Franklin & Marshall Black Playsuit at ASOS for £58.75

Pepe Jeans Tickling Stripe Shorts Playsuit at ASOS for £60.00

Alice & Olivia Romper at Bloomingdale's for $297.00

T-Bags One Shoulder Jumpsuit at Saks Fifth Avenue for $185.00

ByCORUPUS High Waisted Jumper at Urban Outfitters for $78.00

Dressy Jumpsuits
Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit at Newport News for $59.99

Tierred Romper at Express for $49.50

Black 1-Shoulder Slinky Jumpsuit at Dorothy Perkins for £40.00