Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sexy Makeup For Spring

Fresh has 2 new makeup lines for spring 2008:Island Reverie and Sugar Cherry.

Fresh creative director and co-founder Alina Roytberg says:

"I found my inspiration from ethereal rising
of the morning mist over a sunsplashed rainforests,lush
with warm,ripening fruit and budding,bright blossoms."

Indeed,she has.

Island Reverie Face Pallete($55.00)

It contains 3 eyeshadows(champagne,pink and a
reddish brown),bronzer, and a coral blush all
in a pretty pink square compact embellished
with an orange floral design.

And don't forget-

Sugar Lipgloss in Sugar Cherry($25.00). This limited edition
gloss is cherry red and contains sugar,jojoba oil,shea butter,light reflecting pearls that make lips appear fuller.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Does anyone else remember jelly shoes from childhood?
I do,the first time I ever heard of jelly shoes I was
about eight years old,and I saw my cousins wear these
cute flats made of plastic so I had my mother ask my
aunt about those shoes. We later went to Wal-Mart and
my mother bought me pink jelly shoes. I loved them so
much that I wore them out. Its been years I since I had
seen these(although once when I was a teenage girl I did
buy clear jelly platforms) but I noticed that Target
sells them at a very terrific price at $8.99. They come
in pink(shown),clear,and smoke.

Available at

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hair removal has come a long way from razor blades and
depilatories,and now we have this:no!no!. It looks
somewhat like a razor but its not,its hair reduction that
works with thermal heat technology. Its like professional
hair removal at home. Using this with the buffer will
remove most hair,but still using a razor will acheive
perfect results. But this will change your lfe,you will
never need to go to a salon for hair removal or reduction
again. No more pain,cuts,skin irritation and best of all
this is suitable for everyone's hair types and skin colors.
It also comes in three colors black,blue and pink(shown).

Available Sephora

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best Of The Best

Too Faced cosmetics is celebrating their best beauty
goodies of the last ten years with a makeup kit that
resembles a wardrobe. Start with their exclusive
bronzing powder
by lightly dusting your face,mix a
little of the Sun Bunny Bronzer Duo or Ooh La
La Rouge Blush Duo
together for a little added
definition to your cheekbones. Now you got six Eye
Now line you eyes with soft strokes of
Lava Gloss Eyeliner and top off with Lash
Injection Mascara
. And now your lips are in for
a real treat,choose from Beauty Balm,two
Gossip Glosses
,two Lipsticks,Bauble
,Juicy Jewel Doublesided Gloss Stick,
and Lip Injection

Get your now since its a limited edition.

Available at Too Faced

Don't you love how hotels stock their guest bathrooms with
some of the finest products? Wouldn't you like to bring that
home with you? Try the LaSource Relax and Revitalize travel
kit:a mini candle,body scrub,lotion,mineral soak,and body wash.
You will love the ocean-inspired fragrance that will take you
straight to the sea if you cannot go to the beach. Stock this
in the guest bathroom whenever you have friends or family
staying. This would also make a terrific gift to give.

Available atCrabtree and Evelyn

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Be Brow-Beaten

Some of us are not organized,and we are the same breed to
have an overly stuffed makeup bag and in order to find
anything you have to dump out the bag. Thats fine if your
in the comfort of your bedroom and pour it out onto your
bed,but what if your somewhere else(a party maybe?). You
don't have that luxury to do that,but you need to tame
those wild hairs we call eyebrows. Trish McEvoy's Precsion
Brow Shaper is genius,it is not only a filler pencil its
got a brow comb on the other end. Just simply whip it out
of your bag and then flip it over to comb your brows! Genius!

Available at Bliss

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother's Day is almost here and you've got to find a great
gift for your mother. What would she want? Here are some
great gifts she'll be sure to thank you for. Here are some
of my favorite ideas-

Origins Float Away Bath Milk-Does she stress much? This would
be the perfect gift for her,with sleep-inducing natural herbs
such as tangerine,roman chamomille and lemon leaves that soak
your mind into a blissful nighttime feel. When your ready to
get out of the tub and go to bed,sleeping will be much easier
and insomnia will be a thing of the past.


Philosophy Shower For The Cure-How about a gift that keeps on
giving? This is a soap,shampoo and bubble bath all in one but
even better 100% of net proceed from the gel goes toward
Women'sCancer Research Fund. This wonderful pink gel
contains milk proteins and fruit essences for a pleasant


Kooba Elisha Tote Bag-Sometimes mom needs a little color and
this is the perfect bag from Kooba. Canvas lines this leather
handbag and it contains 3 inner open pockets,one zipper and
a magnetic button closure. Perfect!

Pink Mascara

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

You know that plastic is out and cloth is in. And if thats
not motivation enough then just check out
Yvonne Totes
and that will change your mind even if only
for the style factor. They've got the cutest bags and pouches
I have ever seen like zebra stripes,pretty paisley and more.
The prices are also very attractive,and as a bonus they are
made in America(how many companies can boast that?)They also
sell travel pillows and athletic bags. They also got an eBay

Zebra Tina Tote

Black Dot Multi Tote

Blue Spiral Margie Tote

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

What are some good brands of sunscreen that will protect you from all rays?

Dear Sarah,
Walk down any aisle at any drugstore,cosmetic shop,or grocery
aisle and you will find a huge selection of sunscreens and SPF
products thats overwhelming. So what are the best brands of sun
screen to use? I would not go by brand,I would go by SPF factor.
SPF stands for Sun-Protection Factor ,a laboratory measure
ment of the sunscreen's effect. The higher the number,the more
effective it is,for example SPF 15 is more protective than SPF 2.
In fact SPF 15 is the recommended rating for SPF protection,but
you can't go wrong with a higher rating.

So what should you select? Pick a SPF 15 sunscreen to wear
everyday all year round,and then buy a waterproof version
for summer days at the beach and pool. And don't forget
an SPF lipbalm or lipstick,lips can suffer sun damage,too.

And remember that wearing sunscreen is very important to
everyone regardless of skincolor,even black people can get
skin cancer. Sun exposure puts you at risk of almost all
skin cancers,including the deadly melanoma. Wearing suncreen
protects you from sun damage,premature aging and cancer.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great Reads For April

Other than my blog,here's some good things to read
this month online.

Should You Drink Beauty Aqua

Issac Mizrahi's Advice

10 Must Have Beauty Products

Quick Beauty Tips

Permanent Vacation Style

Check out last month'sreads

Don't forget tomorrow's blog is Ask Shop In Chic-
send all your questions to shopinchic83@yahoo.com.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Its A Ray Of Hope

How could you not notice a yellow box,escpecially
from Bliss,the brand of beauty products that are visually
and aesthetically appealing. There's also a pink bubble
on the right corner of the box that says in white bold letters
that it fights fat! Bliss Ray of Hope is a slenderizing
sunscreen,with SPF 20,Caffiene,Vitamins A,E and Aloe Vera,this
contains solar activated sepheres that slenderize. Apply to skin
at least 30 minutes before going outside. This stuff really is
a Ray of Hope.

Bliss World

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The newest perfume from Givenchy is from their line of
Very Irresistible-its the Very Irresistible Givenchy
Summer Cocktail. Its a limited edition version just for
the summer of 2008. This lovely,lighthearted scent has
notes of star anise,mint leaves,centifolia rose,peony,
fantasia rose,passion rose,emotion rose,and verbana leaf.
And even the bottle is fresh take on the original,with the
bottle being more red than pink and having a summer flower
design,and its just the thing for this summer.

Givenchy Parfums

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Friday, April 11, 2008

For those who want sophisticated and sexy,smart and cute,
new and affordable then look no further than Body Central.
You're probably already familiar with the chains of Body
Shop and Body Central at the malls. Even if you never been
to a location(the chain is mainly in the southeast and mid
west,USA)you can check out the website and order directly
from the online store or get a free catalog.

Body Central mixes department store brands(Zana-Di,Younique,
etc)with their own brand of apparel. The result is similar
to a boutique filled with sexy dresses,fresh denim,feminine
tees and tops,and so much more. The selection has plenty of
choices for glam-casual,career apparel and party outfits.
On their website I found red halters,floral-print sundresses,
and lots of denim. They also have a big selection of jewlery
thats only $6.00! They've also got plenty of sale items.
Check out BodyCentral.comand see why I love this store!

Black Gothic Inspired Camisole

Purple Lace Camisole

Orange Ruched Tube Top

Deep Blue Smocked Dress

Zana-Di Bootcut Jeans

Denim Maxi Skirt

Body Central

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like every woman,I want to look my best. Like every human
sometimes I am pressed for time. What to do? Have a few
quick beauty tricks up your sleeve,and that makes all the
difference. On This Works For Me Wednesday I plan
on giving you some of my favorite beauty tricks of all time.

No Time for a Crest White Strip that takes about
half an hour?

I use a Q-Tip dabbed with a little baking soda and
and buff off the stains real quick and then brush my
teeth like regular. Finish with a little Listerine
mouth wash and you're ready to smile.

No time to go and buy these beauty items,but you
need something to use quick?

Body Scrub-Mix a little sugar and honey.
Shaving Cream-Use your hair conditioner.

You want a quick fix for a color boost?
Use sugar-free Kool-Aid! Seriously this one was
in a issue of some magazine. If you got blonde hair
use yellow,for red use cherry,and for dark hair use
purple or black cherry.

If you got any more tips that work for you,please
leave a comment. I look forward to reading your

Please check out Shannon's(she's the host of
Works For Me Wednesday)-blog

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Dear Shop In Chic,

I need to know on how keep black hair dye to stay on my
blondish,reddish locks?


Dear Sarah,

Technically there are three types of hair dyes that are
out there:temporary,semi- and demi-permanent,and of
course permanent. None of these hair color agents are
really ever permanent as they do grow out,or get
exposed to agents that countereact with the color.

Temporary dyes are primarily pure pigments that latch
onto the strands of the hair shaft. Since they're absorbed
into your hair and don't penetrate,removal is relativily
easy,however the darker your hair is,the less the color
will show up.

Both semi-permanent and demi-permanent work
similarily to temporary dyes. They can depsoit color,
but it won't make a big difference. Using tint,the
color is able to penetrate,so it will last longer,
usually up to 15 to 28 shampoos. Again it won't make
a big difference in your natural haircolor.

Permanent dyes work with more strength and can make
dark hair light,and light hair dark. The cuticle(its
on the out layer of your hair shaft even though you
cannot see it)must be opened by a chemical like
ammonia,then the dye is released into the hair. If
you have trouble keeping even permanent dyes in your
hair,you need to see a professional to help you there.

Manic Panic

If you've got any questions-email Shop In Chic.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

This is amazing for people with dry skin:Kiehl's Rare
Earth Face Masque. This is a gentle formula has deep cleansing
power ingredients such as Kaolin,Bentonite, and Allantoin.
It works as an astrigent by absorbing oils,dries like a mask,
yet it leaves your skin soft.
Apply it your face when your skin is dry,and leave it on for
at least 20 minutes. Remove with warm water and rinse of any
excess left over from the mask. You can also leave it on overnight
on a blemish or an oily nose. In the morning rinse with water.

What's your favorite face masques or astrigents?

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Need Beauty Advice?

Last week I started my beauty advice column. I said I
would start on Wednesday,well I got mixed up by a day
and I had it on Tuesday. Well I am doing this regular
column(if that what you want to call it)on Wednesday.
If you have a question about anything related to hair,
makeup,skincare,cosmetics or anything similiar,send me
an e-mail:shopinchic83@yahoo.com. You got 2 days,so send
the questions!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Its time to kick off those winter boots and slip on some
sandals,flip-flops or espidrialles. This spring its all
about sexy,strappy styles;sporty flip-flops and sneaker
inspired flats. Shoe styles are also taking a turn for more
edgy,eye-catching looks. Sandals and boots merge to create
a look somewhat similar to gladiator sandals. Color-blocking
and bold prints are just for apparel anymore,those looks are
all over shoes now,too. Other shoes that have dominated the
Spring 2008 runways include punk-style sandals with spikes
and chains;avant-garde oxford wedges.

Here's just a small sampling of the runways designs.

Balenciaga Gladiator Boots

Dolce & Gabbana Sandals

Gucci Oxford Style Shoes

Rodarte Spike Heels

Alberta Ferretti Wedges

Now,for more affordable and practical(but still stylish)shoes.
Casual Styles-
Other than your walking shoes,your best bets are natural colored
sandals and flats.

Frye "Dani" Sandals

Elegant Evening Styles-
Be bold,be daring,and don't be afraid of color. Wear gladiator
heels, but only wear what your feet can handle.

Via Spiga "Ensue" Sandals

Career Styles-
Most offices are conservative,but there's nothing wrong with
some bold color like pink. Wear with whitw,black or neutral

Kate Spade "Katie" Pumps

What shoes do you think are a must for spring? What are your
favorite brands and stores for footwear? Respond below.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Step To This

I like,no make that need,lotion. I swear I am more dry than
the Sahara desert. My feet are no exception,but most lotions
on my feet become a slippery mess(yes I am bare-foot whenever
possible). But then a friend gave me Origins Step Lively Energizing
Foot Cream,and I am so grateful. This spa worthy lotion is creamy
but it dries fast,so there's no slip sliding around. And it smells
terrific as it should. Ingredients include wintergreen(yummy),
mentha piperita and rose fruit oil.

And what makes this spa worthy is that it is definitly something
you would want to use for a pedicure. Rub this in and let the
wintergreen and mentha piperita travel across your reflex points
at the soles of your feet for a boost of energy. The rose fruit
oil softens your feet and leaves them smooth.

Goodbye dry feet,hello smooth tootsies!

What lotions and other foot creams do you recommend?
Write a response!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ask Shop In Chic-

Dear Shop In Chic,
I need your advice on what colors look best on a
really pale person?

Dear Sarah,
Regardless of the tanorexia trend,pale skin can be
beautiful.Its a very natural look compared to both
real and fake tans. Kudos for not exposing your skin
to the sun's harmful rays,which can cause skin cancer
and early aging. Just be sure to wear a sunscreen and/
or SPF moisutrizer everyday.

Being pale myself,I like to think of my face as a
canvas,as long as you go easy on bright colors you
can wear almost anything.Follow your eye color for
eye makeup first. Blue eyes look best with beiges,
browns and pinks;green eyes look best with purples
and dark reds;brown eyes look best with berry shades,
greens and light blues. If you want try a little bronzer
or a tint,otherwise stick with warm shades for blush.
For lips,you cannot go wrong with a red lipstick(a la
Gwen Stefani),but you can also wear warm browns and
light pinks. More vivid shades should be saved for night.
Don't be afraid to experiment,thats the most fun thing
about makeup.

Recommended Products.

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15-This is
the best of both worlds,its a tinted moisturizer for a
little color with SPF.

Nars Powder Blush In Orgasm-Classic color and best of all
it works for everyone.

Nars Duo Eyeshadow In Babylon-You got a light shadow for day
and dark shadow for night.

DoWop Real Lipstick In Sophia-Sexiest color,and it works for
day and night.

Find all of these products and more at


Remember to send your questions to shopinchic83@yahoo.com.
Please leave you name.

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