Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Be Brow-Beaten

Some of us are not organized,and we are the same breed to
have an overly stuffed makeup bag and in order to find
anything you have to dump out the bag. Thats fine if your
in the comfort of your bedroom and pour it out onto your
bed,but what if your somewhere else(a party maybe?). You
don't have that luxury to do that,but you need to tame
those wild hairs we call eyebrows. Trish McEvoy's Precsion
Brow Shaper is genius,it is not only a filler pencil its
got a brow comb on the other end. Just simply whip it out
of your bag and then flip it over to comb your brows! Genius!

Available at Bliss


artfulfrog said...

awesome. every woman needs that!

socialboom1 said...

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