Friday, April 11, 2008

For those who want sophisticated and sexy,smart and cute,
new and affordable then look no further than Body Central.
You're probably already familiar with the chains of Body
Shop and Body Central at the malls. Even if you never been
to a location(the chain is mainly in the southeast and mid
west,USA)you can check out the website and order directly
from the online store or get a free catalog.

Body Central mixes department store brands(Zana-Di,Younique,
etc)with their own brand of apparel. The result is similar
to a boutique filled with sexy dresses,fresh denim,feminine
tees and tops,and so much more. The selection has plenty of
choices for glam-casual,career apparel and party outfits.
On their website I found red halters,floral-print sundresses,
and lots of denim. They also have a big selection of jewlery
thats only $6.00! They've also got plenty of sale items.
Check out BodyCentral.comand see why I love this store!

Black Gothic Inspired Camisole

Purple Lace Camisole

Orange Ruched Tube Top

Deep Blue Smocked Dress

Zana-Di Bootcut Jeans

Denim Maxi Skirt

Body Central

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artfulfrog said...

I also love Body Shop. Cute clothes and not bad prices,what more could a girl ask for?

shopinchic said...

I know,its one of my favorite places to shop!

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