Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Step To This

I like,no make that need,lotion. I swear I am more dry than
the Sahara desert. My feet are no exception,but most lotions
on my feet become a slippery mess(yes I am bare-foot whenever
possible). But then a friend gave me Origins Step Lively Energizing
Foot Cream,and I am so grateful. This spa worthy lotion is creamy
but it dries fast,so there's no slip sliding around. And it smells
terrific as it should. Ingredients include wintergreen(yummy),
mentha piperita and rose fruit oil.

And what makes this spa worthy is that it is definitly something
you would want to use for a pedicure. Rub this in and let the
wintergreen and mentha piperita travel across your reflex points
at the soles of your feet for a boost of energy. The rose fruit
oil softens your feet and leaves them smooth.

Goodbye dry feet,hello smooth tootsies!

What lotions and other foot creams do you recommend?
Write a response!

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artfulfrog said...

it smells good. though it does make me hungry!

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