Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear Shop In Chic,

I need to know on how keep black hair dye to stay on my
blondish,reddish locks?


Dear Sarah,

Technically there are three types of hair dyes that are
out there:temporary,semi- and demi-permanent,and of
course permanent. None of these hair color agents are
really ever permanent as they do grow out,or get
exposed to agents that countereact with the color.

Temporary dyes are primarily pure pigments that latch
onto the strands of the hair shaft. Since they're absorbed
into your hair and don't penetrate,removal is relativily
easy,however the darker your hair is,the less the color
will show up.

Both semi-permanent and demi-permanent work
similarily to temporary dyes. They can depsoit color,
but it won't make a big difference. Using tint,the
color is able to penetrate,so it will last longer,
usually up to 15 to 28 shampoos. Again it won't make
a big difference in your natural haircolor.

Permanent dyes work with more strength and can make
dark hair light,and light hair dark. The cuticle(its
on the out layer of your hair shaft even though you
cannot see it)must be opened by a chemical like
ammonia,then the dye is released into the hair. If
you have trouble keeping even permanent dyes in your
hair,you need to see a professional to help you there.

Manic Panic

If you've got any questions-email Shop In Chic.

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artfulfrog said...

it seems to me though,temp hair dyes last longer and better than perment.....

shopinchic said...

Hmm,thats very intresting.