Friday, February 29, 2008

This is the second and last part of Fashion Friday's
hot summer dresses.

Alternative-You want to look good and different. You like to make
your own clothes or at least accessories to put a creative spin
on things.

Both dresses from Hot

Dress with Black Bow Trim

Polka Dot Party Dress

Trendsetter-You also define your own style,but you want to start
something.You invent a new look and people will follow.
You are the first to try thing and that makes you a trendsetter.

Both dresses from Forever 21

Denim Dress

Pink Party Dress

So..Go Shop For Dresses.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Want free clothes,or maybe to swap dresses? How about a chance
to buy clothes ar great bargains? Would you like to set up
a small online boutique? What's Mine Is is all of that.

This United Kingdom based website is more like a selling portal,
or an online thrift shop. You can buy and sell both vintage
and designer goods like apparel,accessories and even furniture.

You can can also open up a small virtual boutique for only
$79 a month,without any extra selling fees. Perfect for small

Ina addition there is Community and Magazine features launching
in late March 2008.

Check out What's Mine Is Yours

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alert-Got Sales?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Style

Ok,I don't watch the Oscars,but hey I don't watch new movies
very often either. But I am intrested in the dresses.Its
always intresting to see who's wearing what,even though
most of the time the dresses are(in my opinion)forgettable.
Coming across pictures from last night's award show,I am
actually suprised in a good way.

Heidi Klum's red Galliano dress was my favorite. It is
exactly what Cinderella what have wanted to wear. Perfect
for a ballgown but with a train it could double as a
wedding dress. Another red stunner was worn by Katherine
Heigl,designed by Escada. Other starlets joined in the
red (band)wagon:Anne Hathaway,Helen Mirren and Miley

Hilary Swank opted for something different,a Versace
black sheer lace one shouldered dress.That dress alone
is why we love Versace. Jennifer Garner wore a glamourous
Oscar De La Renta black mermaid gown.

Marion Cotillard wore an intresting but nonetheless
lovely dress by John Paul Gaultier,a white halter
gown with,dare I say it,material texture looking
a little like scales. But I still j'adore the dress.
And all of these dresses.

Check out these links

Glam Oscar's Best Dressed

Win Heidi Klum's Red Dress

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scent-sational Sunday

Every girl loves a kinds of beauty products,but for most of us there is
one thing that we cannot get enough of. For me,that is perfume and scents.
Which I why I started Scent-sational Sunday. Every week I will feature
a scent and anything else scent related.

P.S. check out this great quizperfume quiz

Club Med My Ocean-Women's Fragrance

This light,summery fragrance has floral notes of terragon,cedar and mint.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Closet Staples

Fashion is always changing with seasonal transistions,trends,cultural influences and even the economy. While one spring is all about loose knits,bright candy colors ,bermuda shorts,the following fall is about sweater tunics and ankle boots. There is a lot of money to be made on trends and thats fine. But its best to find clothes that flatter and will last a lot longer. Clothes that you wear time and time again is exactly what every fashionista need.

This is a list of apparel that should be in your closet. Read it and make a list of what you already have and need. When the trend is out you can always rely on these staples.


What store ever stopped selling jeans? Its always been around and its going to stay around. The styles may change during the season(skinny jeans,anyone?),but the comfort remains the same. Its a reliable favorite and for good reason-they are versatile. Dressed up or down,day or night,sporty or casual,they work. Stock up.

Hoodie and Sweatpants

Yes they are uber-casual,but there are days you don't feel like trying
hard. Thats what makes them mandatory. Buy Juicy Couture sweats and you won't feel sloppy.Whatever you buy make sure they match,fit properly,and are made of good material.

Variety of Soild Cotton Tops

Long sleeves,short,tanks,tubes,halters. This is going to make up a big portion of your wardrobe. You can even buy printed or screen tees. As long as they fit and you like them,buy them. While some may seem seasonal,like say camisoles,don't worry just where them with a jacket or layer it under a v-neck sweater.

Good Shoes and Bags

You may spend quite a bit on these accessories,but its worth it.
Buy a good pair of pumps for both work and night events. Sneakers are great for working out,but don't forget they can double duty for casual weekends. Same goes for bags,the right bag is great for day and night,all four seasons and years to come.

Little Black Dress

You need a cocktail dress,why not a little black cocktail dress? This will work with bright colored pumps,almost any kind of jewlery and it flatters everyone.One great dress can carry you many parties,dinners,dates and more. So don't buy one,buy at least 2 or 3 of these.

Dress Pants,Skirts and Jackets

Other than work,you may ask,where else could you wherethem? The jacket itself is versatile,skirts and pants can carry you day casual and evening formal.

Winter Coat(s)

This is the real investments,buy a coat you love and works well with your enviroment(it could even be a trench/rain coat) and it can last you for years.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brush It,Baby

Make-up is an art and no artist is complete without the right set
of cosmetic brushes.You don't want your brushes to break easily,
so don't be afraid to spend a,little money to invest
in quality brushes.

Benefit's Betty Brushes Up On Beauty.

This has powder,angle,fluff, talent brushes all stored in a darling bag. This is a limited edition,tough!

MAC Brush Cleanser

You could use shampoo but isn't this more glam to wash your brushes in?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Short Hair

How short will you go,at least when it comes to hair. I have to have short hair because even
though my hair is thick,it is also fine. So when it grows out I get horrendous tangles. Of course
its not that short,I mean it is a bob. But right now short hair is considered trendy. Lots of celebrities including Katie Holmes,Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna.

But if you decide to have your hair cut,pay attention to these guidelines that will help you
select a good style.

Bobs and Pixies-
Do if you...have straight or slightly wavy hair,don't like high maintainance hair,have an oval or heart shaped face.

Don't if you....have curly hair,have a round or square shaped face.

Must Have Products-These work well for both styles

Hair Dryer with Diffuser
Flat Iron
Fine Tooth Comb
Pretty Hair Clips

Styling Pomade
Hair Spray
Leave-in Conditioner

Got questions or tips? Please leave a comment.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

As a blonde I fear brassiness and dullness in my haircolor(no I am not a natural blonde). I have had actual nightmares of my hair getting darker! Even though
I don't think my hair is in any danger of getting darker,lest I color it,these
products help keep it brighter and shinier.

I first started using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.
This stuff is good.

I even tried John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Glaze. Even though when
I first tried it, the color scared me a bit,since it had a slight red tint.
But it doesn't darken it.

I recently tried Sunsilk Blonde Bombshell,and I am please with the results.
It is slightly cheaper than John Frieda,too. But I will continue to use all
these products mentioned here.

Got any questions,comments,recommendations please feel free to leave a comment.

enjoy this Sunsilk commercial

Friday, February 15, 2008

Today's Fashion Friday is about dresses for day and night according to your style preference. We start with Sexy,Sweet and Classic this week. Next week we will do
more styles for day and night.

Sexy-You are daring,fun and are not afraid of attention. Your clothes reflect that.You like to show off your best assets in a tasteful manner.
And you are very confident in everything you do,so when you make mistakes you don't cringe you just admit you learned.

Top day dress from J.Crew
Bottom night dress from Dillards

Sweet-You want fun and comfort. You enjoy trends but you also have a personal style.You mix it up and have diverse style,which is yet another reason you share your closet with your friends(other than being sweet)You shy away from things you don't feel comfortable in and thats okay.

Top day dress fromBody Central
Bottom night dress fromJC Penney

Classic-You play by the rules,and you know what you like and that is sophistication.People admire you and ask you for style advice since you serve as a style icon. You don't where anything unless it has a purpose and your closet is never cluttered.

top day dress is fromAnthropologie
bottom night dress is fromBody Central

more coming soon....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Remember tomorrrow is Fashion Friday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am lucky that I don't have acne. I really never had a problem with zits,
pimple,whatever you may call them. Sure I would get them them every now
and then,still do. I had more of a problem with blackheads and whiteheads.

But I have been using St. Ives Apricot Scrub for several years for now.
And I love this stuff. Not only is it a gentle yet powerful scrub,
it also smells terrific. You don't have to buy separate scrubs for both
body and face,this works wonderfully as both. I also love that its not
tested on animals and has natrual exfoiliants.

J'Adore this stuff!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

True Blue

For those who have been paying attention,blue is the new black.
At least for your nails.

Cool Blue

Cool blue is the hot color of the moment
By Erin Weinger

If you think blue nail polish is only for high schoolers, think again. With a following that includes Eva Mendes, Mena Suvari and Jessica Simpson, the unexpectedly cool color is the latest in fingertip chic.

Inky blue shades began appearing this fall as a sophisticated alternative to the now ubiquitous, goth-leaning black polish. During the holidays, metallic blue hues such as Chanel's Blue Satin ($18) and drugstore favorite Wet N Wild's Blue Sapphire (99 cents), replaced predictable red on the trendiest talons. But for the warmer months, blue polish is lightening up.

On the spring runways in New York last September, manicurists from Creative Nail Design used the frosty blue Turquoise Tint for Chris Han's show and custom-mixed tones of light blue for models at Karen Walker and Charlotte Ronson. In a recent GQ photo spread, Rihanna sported a robin's-egg-blue polish on her nails that threatened to pull focus from her skimpy gold Tomas Meier swimsuit.

Sky, the Hard Candy shade made famous in 1995 when Alicia Silverstone name-dropped it on "Late Show With David Letterman," is also back on the market. But nostalgic fans hoping to score a bottle — with matching plastic ring — may have to do a bit of digging. Sephora, the line's exclusive purveyor, is sold out of the $7 color on its Web site. A similar shade, For Audrey by China Glaze ($6.50), nearly matches a Tiffany & Co.'s trademark color.

Or for less of an Easter egg-dipped look, you might try St. Barth's Blue by Essie ($7). With just a hint of color, it's a good introduction to the trend for those who aren't quite ready to relive their teenage years.

Copyright © 2008 The Seattle Times Company

What do you think?
What's your favorite colors?

source-The Seattle

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beauty And The Budget

I love buying beauty products,but I also love a good bargain. And I do think
that sometimes you get what you pay for,meaning that sometimes expensive is better. But at the same time they are a ton of great products that are cheap in the price department. And whats more exciting than a good deal is that money you'll save only to buy more great products.

Really its all about balance. Remember not to scrimp on the important stuff like shampoo and skincare,but its okay to buy a cheap trendy color of eyeliner or lipstick. Budget glosses are good too.

Here's a rough list of what you should buy full price and why-

Hair products-shampoo,conditioner,styling and color maintaining products. If you bleach or relax your hair,you want products that are going to do the work justice. You don't want to pay $3.00 to dull your $200 blonde highlights.

Hair tools-hair dryers,curling and flat irons This is an example of what you pay for,what you get.

Cosmetic tools Ditto

Here's another list,this one is about what you can buy cheap and why-

Most cosmetics-nail polish,lip gloss,eye shadows,etcIts the same stuff you get elsewhere,and it usually doesn't last that long anyways

FragranceIf you don't need a designer or celeb label some of the best scents are cheap.Try Calgon.

If anyones's got anymore leave comments please.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day Gifts

Whether you have someone or not,you deserve a gift. And whether you get that gift you want(or not)you deserve something cool. Thats what this list is about.

V-Day Gifts You Want-

Daisy by Marc Jacobs at fine department stores and Sephora

Homedics Pedicure Spa at Bed,Bath and Beyond

Heart Necklace at Pink Mascara

Box of Truffles at

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Acessories-Spring Bags

Spring means clean,fresh,time to start out new. Which means its time to clean out your closets and dressers and get rid of any musty old turtlenecks and sweaters.
But alas,its so hard to do and it is only February. Some of us still have weeks if not a full blown month of winter left.

So what to do? Why not get a brand new spring handbag?

Time to fantasize.....

Pink tote from Coach

Good for shopping at boutiques,malls,resort vacations.

"Croc" Handbag from Dooney and Bourke

The kind of bag you would take to job interviews,work and business meeting.

Clutch from LOVCAT

Take with you to clubs,parties and bars.

Beach tote from Juicy Couture(yes it comes with towel)

Perfect for the beach,pool parties.

Black tote by Kate Spade.

I think we have a winner.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fashion Fridays

Okay how's that for a theme,Fashion Fridays.

Nine West has a boot sale-30% off select styles.

Charlotte Russe20% off select items including from the Blu Chic line.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Burt's Bees that is. I got the Burt's Bees Essential's kit awhile
ago and I cannot stop raving about it. First of all its got everything
you need including goodies for the hands and feet.

Beeswax and Banana Hand Creme
Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme
Hand Salve
Peppermint Foot Lotion
Aloe and Buttermilk Body Lotion
Milk and Honey Body Lotion
Honey Lip Balm

This stuff is all natural and smells tasty(though I wouldn't recommend eating it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alert-Hot New Sales

I just started this blog with a mission,to give ,reviews,advice,tips and of course sales alerts. So check these out.

Free ground shipping on orders $50.00 or more. Promo code FREESHIP5.

Free bracelet with a fragrance purchase(women's and men's)of $15 or more.

The Body Shop
Last chance on selected sale products

Victoria's Secret Beauty
Special offers like $15 off a $100 order,$30 off a $150 order,$75 off $250.
Enter code VDAY08 at checkout.

Someone must be feeling the love.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eyeliner was always a battle for me,so many times I skipped it. I tried pencil and I felt like I was practically poking my eye out. I tried liquid and I felt like I was getting it in my eye and going to make me go blind. And yes I can be squeamish about my eyes but I have no problem with mascara,eyelash curlers and of course,eye shadows. Well I decided to get liquid eyeliner a try once my sister bought some terrific stuff
Wet N Wild Mega Liner

It was easy to put on,and the brush was thin enough.
It looked marvelous on her. I had to try some,so I asked her to put some on me. And the rest is history. I bought some myself,and its is great to use.

Here are some tips that make it even easier-

1-Have a stash of Q-Tips. When you make a mistake(and you will occasionally)just try a dry
swap and it will remove it almost magically.

2-Always begin with a thin brush it is less intimidating and gives you more control.

3-Don't sweat it! As long as you got q-tips you're good.

Any more tips? I would love to hear from you,leave a comment please.
yours truly-shopinchic