Monday, February 11, 2008

Beauty And The Budget

I love buying beauty products,but I also love a good bargain. And I do think
that sometimes you get what you pay for,meaning that sometimes expensive is better. But at the same time they are a ton of great products that are cheap in the price department. And whats more exciting than a good deal is that money you'll save only to buy more great products.

Really its all about balance. Remember not to scrimp on the important stuff like shampoo and skincare,but its okay to buy a cheap trendy color of eyeliner or lipstick. Budget glosses are good too.

Here's a rough list of what you should buy full price and why-

Hair products-shampoo,conditioner,styling and color maintaining products. If you bleach or relax your hair,you want products that are going to do the work justice. You don't want to pay $3.00 to dull your $200 blonde highlights.

Hair tools-hair dryers,curling and flat irons This is an example of what you pay for,what you get.

Cosmetic tools Ditto

Here's another list,this one is about what you can buy cheap and why-

Most cosmetics-nail polish,lip gloss,eye shadows,etcIts the same stuff you get elsewhere,and it usually doesn't last that long anyways

FragranceIf you don't need a designer or celeb label some of the best scents are cheap.Try Calgon.

If anyones's got anymore leave comments please.