Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Battle With Eyeliner

Eyeliner was always a battle for me,so many times I skipped it. I tried pencil and I felt like I was practically poking my eye out. I tried liquid and I felt like I was getting it in my eye and going to make me go blind. And yes I can be squeamish about my eyes but I have no problem with mascara,eyelash curlers and of course,eye shadows. Well I decided to get liquid eyeliner a try once my sister bought some terrific stuff
Wet N Wild Mega Liner

It was easy to put on,and the brush was thin enough.
It looked marvelous on her. I had to try some,so I asked her to put some on me. And the rest is history. I bought some myself,and its is great to use.

Here are some tips that make it even easier-

1-Have a stash of Q-Tips. When you make a mistake(and you will occasionally)just try a dry
swap and it will remove it almost magically.

2-Always begin with a thin brush it is less intimidating and gives you more control.

3-Don't sweat it! As long as you got q-tips you're good.

Any more tips? I would love to hear from you,leave a comment please.
yours truly-shopinchic