Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Short Hair

How short will you go,at least when it comes to hair. I have to have short hair because even
though my hair is thick,it is also fine. So when it grows out I get horrendous tangles. Of course
its not that short,I mean it is a bob. But right now short hair is considered trendy. Lots of celebrities including Katie Holmes,Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna.

But if you decide to have your hair cut,pay attention to these guidelines that will help you
select a good style.

Bobs and Pixies-
Do if you...have straight or slightly wavy hair,don't like high maintainance hair,have an oval or heart shaped face.

Don't if you....have curly hair,have a round or square shaped face.

Must Have Products-These work well for both styles

Hair Dryer with Diffuser
Flat Iron
Fine Tooth Comb
Pretty Hair Clips

Styling Pomade
Hair Spray
Leave-in Conditioner

Got questions or tips? Please leave a comment.