Thursday, February 21, 2008

Closet Staples

Fashion is always changing with seasonal transistions,trends,cultural influences and even the economy. While one spring is all about loose knits,bright candy colors ,bermuda shorts,the following fall is about sweater tunics and ankle boots. There is a lot of money to be made on trends and thats fine. But its best to find clothes that flatter and will last a lot longer. Clothes that you wear time and time again is exactly what every fashionista need.

This is a list of apparel that should be in your closet. Read it and make a list of what you already have and need. When the trend is out you can always rely on these staples.


What store ever stopped selling jeans? Its always been around and its going to stay around. The styles may change during the season(skinny jeans,anyone?),but the comfort remains the same. Its a reliable favorite and for good reason-they are versatile. Dressed up or down,day or night,sporty or casual,they work. Stock up.

Hoodie and Sweatpants

Yes they are uber-casual,but there are days you don't feel like trying
hard. Thats what makes them mandatory. Buy Juicy Couture sweats and you won't feel sloppy.Whatever you buy make sure they match,fit properly,and are made of good material.

Variety of Soild Cotton Tops

Long sleeves,short,tanks,tubes,halters. This is going to make up a big portion of your wardrobe. You can even buy printed or screen tees. As long as they fit and you like them,buy them. While some may seem seasonal,like say camisoles,don't worry just where them with a jacket or layer it under a v-neck sweater.

Good Shoes and Bags

You may spend quite a bit on these accessories,but its worth it.
Buy a good pair of pumps for both work and night events. Sneakers are great for working out,but don't forget they can double duty for casual weekends. Same goes for bags,the right bag is great for day and night,all four seasons and years to come.

Little Black Dress

You need a cocktail dress,why not a little black cocktail dress? This will work with bright colored pumps,almost any kind of jewlery and it flatters everyone.One great dress can carry you many parties,dinners,dates and more. So don't buy one,buy at least 2 or 3 of these.

Dress Pants,Skirts and Jackets

Other than work,you may ask,where else could you wherethem? The jacket itself is versatile,skirts and pants can carry you day casual and evening formal.

Winter Coat(s)

This is the real investments,buy a coat you love and works well with your enviroment(it could even be a trench/rain coat) and it can last you for years.


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