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Happy Holidays

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Shop In Chic,

I would love to change my hair color to something fun
and different, but how can I do it at home? I know that
there are a ton of haircolor kits out there, but which
product would be best? Plus, do you have any tips on
doing it yourself?


Dear Need-A-Change,

Looking for a change for 2009? Changing your color is a great
start, but it can also be intimidating, especially if you have
never colored your hair before. If you did not mention that you
wanted to do it at home, I would highly recommend going to the
salon. Heck, I still would recommend that, or having a trusty
friend color your hair with salon quality products(which is
something I do. Thanks Sarah!)

First off, what color do you want and how many shades compared
to your own natural hair color. If it is drastically lighter
or darker than your own, then visit a salon or have a good pal
color your hair for you. If you want something two/three shades
darker or lighter then buy something permanent. If you just want
a slight adjustment then go with a semi or demi-permanent color
that will wash out in a month or less.

When you shop for a box of hair color, remember to look for the
color chart on the back or side of the box, as it will show you
a realistic view of how the new color will look on your natural
color. Once you made the commitment(or bought the kit!), make
sure you thoroughly read the instructions twice. And don't
forget to do a test strand to make sure it exactly what you
want, and even a skin test if its called for. After all you don't
want to color your hair and discover an allergic reaction!

Here are some choice kits to choose from(see above):
Clairol Herbal Essences Knockout Blonde(Shade 16) available at and Boots

Clairol Blackberry-Burgandy Black(Shade 38) available at and Boots

Garnier 100% ColorVibrant Colors by Nutrisse Dark Golden Brown(Shade 433) available at Walgreens and Boots

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Want To Pout

Full, luscious lips will always be in style. But this won't
always be around, DuWop's The Perfect Pout Gift Set is only
available at And its limited edtion.

Not only does its come with DuWop's extraordinary lip venom,
it comes with a lipstick and lip pencil liner to complete
your pouty lip look. For those of you who are not familiar
with DuWop lip venom, you should be. Its a colored lip gloss
with essential oils that pump up your lips naturally, plus
deliver an incredible glossy shine.

Did you know the DuWop lip venom was the original lip pumper?

DuWop's The Perfect Pout Gift Set is available at for $36.75.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

There is nothing better than a new dress, jacket, handbag or a pair
of shoes for Christmas. And for those of us who have to cut back on
our own clothes shopping to save money for holiday gifts, we can
still revel in satisfaction by choosing stylish gifts for our close
friends. Here are some great ideas that you will love and so will

She Dresses To The Nines
We all know her(or maybe we are her), the girl that loves to
dress up. She probably has more cocktail dresses and pumps than
jeans and tees. She always looks her best and sometimes makes
us feel just a little slighted. Here are the gifts she will

Black Jacquard Beaded Corset Dress available at Next for £60
Stretch Nylon Boots available at Montage for £34.26
Check Frill Long Coat available at Miss Selfridge for £75.00
Linen Blend Dress available at Marks and Spencer for £29.50

Miss Casual Comforts
This is the gift guide for the girls who love casual comfort.
She lives in jeans, hoodies, probably carries a trendy tote
bag. She's a simple girl who is probably always on the go so
she could use plenty of handbags and accessories. Here are a
few ideas she'll like.

Black Jogging Trousers available at Peacocks for £6.00
Blue Casual Hoodie available at Peacocks for£6.00
Scooped Neck Dress available at Hush for £44
Spotty Floral Purse available at Republic for £9.74

The Sporty Chic Girl
Maybe she was(or is still) in athlete in high school, and she
lives comfortable track shoes and tracksuits. She prefers a
little action in life and she just keeps on going like the
energizer bunny. She will need gifts that move along with
her and here are my top choices.

Apple Bottoms Purple Tee available at JD Sports for £24.99
Pierre Cardin Pink/White Trainers available at Shoe Shop for £29.99
McKenzie Denim Perth Jean Flare available at JD Sports for £39.99

Monday, December 15, 2008

How Smashing

Here is a hot new product from Smashbox:HALO Hydrating
Perfecting Powder and Brush Set. This is a wonderful new
anti-aging concept that features Gogi berries, which are
naturally antioxidants. It also contains encapsulated
water that will hydrate your skin so it always feels fresh.

Its a pressed powder that becomes a loose powder for a more
translucent glow.

Smashbox:HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder and Brush Set available at Sephora for $59.

We know of your dislike of layers, so what would you do to
keep yourself warm?

-Miss Grunge

Dear Miss Grunge,

I don't mind layers so much only if the look is styled right.
Like for instance, you don't want to wear too many layers if
they make you look bulky. Its okay to wear thin layers, and
if you want, a jacket over a long sleeve top. Wear what you
are comfortable with and let your sense of style dictate.
Never wear anything that you have to think twice about.

Shop In Chic

Zebra Print Tank is available at PACSUN
for $19.50
Black Moto Cross Jacket is available at Hot Topic for $58.00
Dead 52's Tank available at Urban Outfitters UK for £30.00
Velvet Blazer available at Urban Outfitters UK for £50.00

Have any beauty or style questions? The please
email them at shopinchic83 at

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its less than two weeks before Christmas and I am pretty sure
you're not done shopping! That leaves a little time to scout
out some terrific deals and bargains, and I'll share them
with you!

Aldo Shoes USA-Extra $20 Off Already Reduced Price Boots
Aldo Shoes UK-Extra 30% Off Already Reduced Price Boots
Bluefly-Holiday Dresses up to 40% Off
Miss Selfridge-Free Delivery On All UK Orders Over £80.00,Plus Free Returns
Target-Free Standard Shipping Unitl December 18th
Revolve Clothing-Take An Additional 33% Off Any Purchase
Old NavyGet Free Shipping On Every Order, Plus Save 10% On Orders Over $75
Peacock'sUp to 50% Select Party Apparel and Dresses

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every woman should have at least one. They are one of the
most important style staples out there, plus they make
essential party dresses. After all, you can style it
with different shoes, jewelry and other accessories
to give each time you wear a special feel, like the
same feeling you get the first time you wear a new

Here are some of my favorite dresses.

Strapless Charmuese Dress available at Dillards
for $41.40

Black Lace Off Shoulder Dress available at Peacocks for £9.78

US Contests and Sweepstakes
VogueTV's Holiday Sweeps
Win designer fragrances and beauty produts from Dior, Stila and more!

Prescriptives Holiday Sweepstakes
Win a complete collection of holiday makeup

My One and Only Prize Pack
From the upcoming movie include Nars cosmetics, yoga apparel
and more!

Sweet Deliverance Sweeps
Win tickets to Daily Candy's Sweetest Things Event plus an Outfit

UK Contests and Sweepstakes

Win A Designer Dress
From Mina

Win A Hush Gift Box
And its worth £400 of sleepwear and loungwear

Win A Hotter Shoe Wardrobe
Win A Year's Supply of shoes.

Right now this is what you should be reading(other than my
blog of course!)

Why You Shouldn't Use Makeup Testers:This is just so nasty.
2009 Golden Globe Nominees:How will they measure up stylewise?
Rockabilly Hair:Its one of the newest hair trends
Skin Saving Products:How to save your skin after the holidays.
Great Clothes For Your PartiesEverything from cheap to expensive and in between.
The Most Offensive Fashion Advertisement:Does it promote violence?
Love What You Got:Recycle your closet
Free Makeovers For Everyone:From Bobbi Brown

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A hairdryer can only go so far, right? Well not with this hair
dryer from Conair, the Infiniti Hair Designer Pro by Conair.
What makes this different from most? Its the only one with
a Triple Action Straightening Attatchment that lets you not
only dry your hair, but straighten it too! It works great
with both very curly and even wavy hair, you control the

Plus it also reduces frizz and emits natural ions for your
hair to look and feel its best. Its even got a cool shot
setting, diffuser and concentrator attachments. This is
simply the coolest hair dryer out there!

Infiniti Hair Designer Pro by Conair is available at Conair for $74.99.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Shop In Chic:
I know the holidays are coming and I really want to look
glamourous for the parties I will attend, yet I hate high
heels. So what other options do I have?

Clueless About Footwear

Dear Clueless:
One thing that people always equate with all time beauty
and glamour is high heels. Heck people even wear them to
glam up the casualness of jeans! But just because most
women wear high heels doesn't mean all women do. And
you know what? There is nothing wrong with that! Rest
assure that there are plenty of other options to choose
from, including flats! There are plenty of styles that
are just, if not more, purely elegant. And if you're
planning on dancing the night away, flats are choice.
Besides who really dances in heels anyway? You'll be
the envy of the holiday party.

So what are some good brands to look for? I like the
styles of Stuart Weitzman, like his "Buckballet" gold
flats? I also like Steve Madden's "Kobraa" pink skimmers.
I also find Office to have some pretty darn cute and
stylish flats for holiday parties. Like their "Call
Me Back Bow" black leather flats and "Concave Back
Strap" sandal style blue flats.

Just remember that when you're shopping for dressy
flats, look for special details such as sequins or
embossed leather. You want to shoes to look rather
special not so casual.

Both Stuart Weitzman and Steve Madden shoes are available at

Both Office shoes are available at Office

If you have any questions remember to drop me off an e-mail at
shopinchic83 at Please mention ASKSHOPINCHIC in the
SUBJECT line. Thank you ahead of time!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

US Edition:Holiday Shopping Guide:Hot Fashion Part 1

This is part 2 of US Edition:Holiday Shopping Guide:Hot Fashion
Part 2. And this concludes th US Edtion of the Holiday Shopping
Guide. The UK Edition will be concluding soon.

Stay tuned to more information and ideas for holiday

A new coat can be expensive, so imagine the look on their
face when you give your sister, best friend, or mother a
brand new coat for the holidays. Jackets are also nice to
give, even if its just a simple hoodie.

Black Skull Toggle Hoodie available at Hot Topic for $38.00
Plaid Trenchcoat available at Banana Republic for $275
Women's Denim Jacket available at Old Navy
for $29.50
Women's Quilted Metallic Vest available at Old Navy for $39.50

Shoes,Accessories, and Bags
Who wouldn't love another handbag or pair of shoes? And it
doesn't always have to be designer, Steve Madden does some
pretty darn good knock-offs! Other accessories like hats and
even stylish jewelry work too!

Mohair Fedora available at The Gap for $24.50
Convertable Mittens available at Old Navy for $9.50
Fossil Heart Charm Watch available at Dillard's for $
Dooney & Bourke Zebra Tote available at Dillards's for $295.00
Steve Madden Sedona Pumps available at Steve Madden for $129.95

Sweet Dreams
There is nothing better than going to bed in brand new pajamas!
And if you can, why not add in a cute fuzzy robe or a pair of

Stretch Jersey Short Robe available at The Gap for $39.50
Baby Phat Pajama Set in Plaid available at Macy's for $39.99
Juicy Couture Slippers available at Nordstrom for $64.95
PJ Salvage Pajamas available at Nordstrom
Top $14.99 Bermuda Bottoms $19.99

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do you need a new Christmas gift idea?

With the holidays coming closer each and every single day,
it can be a bit of a burden to choose what gifts to buy.
You want to find gifts for everybody and some people are
just so hard to shop for. You don't want to spend your
entire weekend at the mall looking for stuff to only
know that its either going to be returned or even *gulp*
regifted later on! So before you decide to say give up
on your holiday shopping, I got a few ideas that will
please everyone, so all you have to do is tally
up everyone on your list to mulitply the gifts! It won't
get any easier than these ideas.

PS, stay tuned for more of my upcoming Gift Guides for
more Christmas Gift Ideas and browse through my blog for
previous installments and much more!

Why give a gift card when you could give a Gifts gift
card? A traditional gift card is usually from one store
but a Gifts card can be used at a choice of merchants
and services including restaurants and hotels. Choose
one store or choose several and you can even email it
for faster delivery. And best of all they never expire.

Check out for more information and a list of redeemable stores and services.

And for my readers in the UK, there is the Voucher Express
VEX Gift Certificate. Give them the certificate and you can
relax and let them choose exactly the gift voucher they want.
You can redeem for your choice of gift vouchers from over
25,000 retail stores and services all over the UK and Ireland.

Check out Voucher Express for more information
and a list of redeemable stores.

Now how's that for an easy Christmas gift idea!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Style Meme

I am new to this whole Meme concept so please forgive
me if I am not doing this right.

First off, what is a fashion blog doing with a Meme? Well a
meme can be about almost anything, so why not style?

P.S. please feel free to copy and post on your own blog, just
leave me a link so I can read it!

The Style Meme

Describe your personal style?

Actually I don't have a personal style, I just wear what I
like. I don't follow trends and celebrities, because not I know
that not everyone can dress like the same stars. I like to wear
what I think is comfortable and stylish. I look at some celebs
and I think "What the...?"

What does Fashion mean exactly?

I gradutated from a Fashion Design/Merchandising program
last summer so I know the answer! Fashion is basicially more
than what we wear, its more than style, its more than a time

Fashion really is everything that includes not only clothes,
but personal taste and cultures as well. Fashion is supposed
to be fun, its an art form. Express yourself!

Why are we slaves to fashion?

Why do you wear killer high heels? Because they look great
and give you confidence! Sometimes we do weird things for the
sake of looking good(like spending a lot on one article of
clothing) and maybe thats a good thing, maybe its a bad thing!
You tell me!

I love style but I do think we need to be a little more practical

Monday, December 1, 2008

Upcoming Advice Column

There is nothing better than a new dress, jacket, handbag or a pair
of shoes for Christmas. And for those of us who have to cut back on
our own clothes shopping to save money for holiday gifts, we can
still revel in satisfaction by choosing stylish gifts for our close
friends. Here are some great ideas that you will love and so will
they! This is PART 1 of the US Holiday Shopping Guide Hot Fashion
Gifts. PART 2 is coming and so is the UK Holiday Shopping Guide Hot
Fashion Gifts. Stay tuned!

She Dresses To The Nines
We all know her(or maybe we are her), the girl that loves to
dress up. She probably has more cocktail dresses and pumps than
jeans and tees. She always looks her best and sometimes makes
us feel just a little slighted. Here are the gifts she will

Tuxedo Strapless Dress available at The Limited for $98
Large Metallic Leather Thompson Tote available at J. Crew for $125
Betsey Johnson Belted Crinoline Coat available at Betsey Johnson for $320
Lynx Faux Fur Vest available at Bebe for $179
Twelth Street Loreli Peeptoe Pumps available at Revolve Clothing for $224

Miss Casual Comforts
This is the gift guide for the girls who love casual comfort.
She lives in jeans, hoodies, probably carries a trendy tote
bag. She's a simple girl who is probably always on the go so
she could use plenty of handbags and accessories. Here are a
few ideas she'll like.

Silver Tuesday Stretch Jeans available at The Buckle for $82
Hurley Mascara Hoodies available at PacSun for $54.50
Xhilaration Blue Striped Winter Accessorie Set available at Target for $9.99
Limited Edition Perforated Blue Tote Bag available at Target for $39.99

The Sporty Chic Girl
Maybe she was(or is still) in athlete in high school, and she
lives comfortable track shoes and tracksuits. She prefers a
little action in life and she just keeps on going like the
energizer bunny. She will need gifts that move along with
her and here are my top choices.

Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuit in Green available at Juicy Couture. Each piece sold separately.
Baby Phat Puffer Metallic Cat Jacket
available at Baby Phat for $159
Women's Premium Premix Sneakers available at Skechers for $62
Baby G Resin Watch available at Macy's

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you want to dress like your favorite celebrities, yet
you don't want to pay the outrageous prices for their designer
accessories? Do you want to shop a boutique that sells an
eclectic mix of vintage-inspired and designer-inspired tees,
dresses, jewelry,and accessories-in the comfort of your own
home? Then visit The Honeyroom.

You'll find sunglasses that look like the designer styles worn
by Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba, Juicy Couture-inspired charm
bracelets, and even a Hello Kitty necklace! It does not matter
whether your personal style is trendy or vintage, you'll find
a nice mix of both. See below for the Special Discount

Here are some of my favorite pieces

Casual Slim Striped One Piece Dress $12.00

White 80's Vintage Funky Shaped Sunglasses $11.00

Black Acrylic Juicy Charm Bracelet $11.00

Large Gold Hello Kitty Necklace $21.00

Red Louis Vuitton Inspired Millionare Sunglasses $11.00

And just for my wonderful readers The Honeyroom is offering you a
coupon code for 15% OFF purchases of $30 or more!

The coupon code is SHOPISCHIC. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is a special edition as we have Black Friday coming after
Thanksgiving, and then we have Cyber Monday which is on the 1st
of December(which is also this upcoming Monday).

Black Friday Deals
Are you shopping on Black Friday? Its the busiest day for most
retailers of all sorts, and most stores claim that the prices
and doorbusters you will find on sale that day(or even weekend)
are the lowest of the year. If you do a little research you
will find some extraordinary deals, but the best deals will
be scattered throughout the holiday season and throughout
the year, so rest assure that you don't always have to go
shopping on that day. So what are the best deals? I'll share
them with you right now! Remember to check your local ads for
even more sales.

The Limited-
Shop before 12:00 am and get a FREE SCARF/WRAP with every $50
you spend. Shop after 12:00 am and you get a FREE SCARF/WRAP
with every $75 purchase.

All day you will enjoy 30% Off your entire purchase, all pants
and jeans are 30% Off, select tops start at $19.50, handbags
and jewelry are 25% Off!

Old Navy-
This sale last Friday through Sunday. Sweaters and Knits are $15,
Graphic Print Tees are only $5.00, Denim 5 Pocket Jeans are 50%
off, Fleece Pants and Hoodies are $10 each!

30% Off everything until 1:00 pm. After 1:00 pm you can still save
with Tees 2 for $25, and take an addtional 50% off markdowns!

Bath and Body Works-
Spend $40 or more and get a FREE VIP Bag for only $15(normally a
value of $100).

This is a huge sale with a lot of terrific deals like 40% Off Style
and Co. Collection, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole Reaction Coats on
sale, 25% Off Faux Fur Boots, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tunic Sweaters,
Extra 50% Off Clearance items, and a whole lot more!

JC Penney-
More great deals storewide, such as entire stocks of handbags 40 to
50% off, 40% off entire stock of sleepwear and robes, and again
even more.

Cyber Monday Deals
For those of us who don't want to leave the comfort of our home,
Cyber Monday is a great idea! All the benefits of Black Friday
deals minus the heavy crowds of people. Unfortunately finding
Cyber Monday deals are a bit more elusive, as most deals are
not listed as "The Biggest Sale of the Year". You have to do
search and compare for these bargains.

To search for the great bargains keep an eye on your favorite
stores, emails, and websites like DealTaker.

If you have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals you'd like to
share please respond! Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love jeans(particularly low-rise styles), but I am not too
keen on belts though. Why is that? I do like some belts but I
just find that most belts are a bit bulky and restrictive. So
what do I do when I wear a pair of pants that don't seem to
fit as well as they should, like when they have the tendency
to keep falling? I wear the revolutionary IsABelt.

It is thin clear piece of plastic that fastens over your pants
like a belt, yet it looks and feels as if you were not wearing
a belt. Its real fashion freedom! Its almost as if you're not
wearing a belt and it can be worn with any color! You can bend
and crouch over freely without any embarrassment. You will no
longer have to pull up your pants or worry about exposing your
derriere. This is truly amazing and no fashionista should be
without one!

Select your size from small(which adjusts to size 6), medium
(adjusts to size 10), large(adjusts to size 14) or plus(which
adjusts up to 50 inches).

They come in four sizes for women(including plus sizes), and
even sizes for children and men!

You can buy IsABelt at fine boutiques or even for
$16.95(plus size cost $17.95).

For the list of boutiques that includes the United States and United Kingdom.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November's Must Haves

Bright Stylish Athletic Shoes
It does not matter whether you actually work out when you
wear these, you will need to wear these while you tackle
your Christmas shopping. Can you really imagine wearing
high heels while walking up and down the mall? Plus a
really cute pair will brighten up your day even if the
sky is overcast.

Women's Pink
Airwalk Canvas Kicks
available at Payless ShoeSource for $22.99

Adidas Women's Midiru Trainers available at for £29.99

Plush Robe
There is nothing more comfortable to wear on a winter morning than
a large plush robe.

Plush Pink Polka Dot Robe available at Charlotte Russe for $24.99

Plush Pink Heart Hooded Robe available at Dorothy Perkins for £25.00

Lip Plumping Lipgloss
With the holidays coming we need to find ways to simplify our
beauty routines. Instead of using lipstick and lip liner to
enhance your natural pout, why not just wear lip pumping lip
gloss? It looks and it feels much more natural than layers of

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss Set
is available at Target for $24.99

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss Set
is available at Boots for £17.50

Winter Fragrance
Like everything else we rotate for winter(clothes, shoes and even
makeup), we change our fragrance for winter too. We usually choose
perfumes that are a bit warmer and luxe such as vanilla, amber or
even musk.

Serendipitious Fragrance available at for $37.50

Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Eau de Toilette available at Direct Cosmetics for £7.99

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

In case you don't know what Kaboodle is, it is a shopping community
thats a lot like ThisNext. You can create and save wishlists, rate
other members style choices and much more! Plus they frequently
have fun contests.

From now until December 24 Kaboodle is giving away online shopping
sprees every single day! Thats Sunday through Saturday! And its so
easy and fun to enter, all you have to do is sign up to Kaboodle
and add items from the select store of the day to your wishlist
to win a shopping spree from the same store!

You can win shopping sprees from Target, JC Penney, IvyBlue, West
Elm, Shanalogic and much more! I know they did this last year as
well, and I am so glad they're having it again, I had to share
this with my readers.

Kaboodle Prize Calendar

Welcome to Shop In Chic's first ever Holiday Shopping Guide.
This is a new shopping guide that will give you great gift
ideas, and best of all there is something for everyone.

This is the first Holiday Shopping Guide installment for the U.K.

Cheap Yet Chic-
So you don't have a lot of money, you can still find great gifts
that are very affordable. Best of all these ideas are cheap enough
to stock up on gifts for everyone(including yourself!) Some of
these gifts will also make perfect stocking stuffers and also
good choices for your work(or school's) Secret Santa program.
All these gifts are £30 and under.

Women's SpaceNK Laughter Eau de Toilette Fragrance available at SpaceNK for £20.00
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Tint SPF 15 available at Bobbi Brown for £11.00
Balance Me Beauty Balm Set available at Boots for £20.00
Sanctuary Spa Creme Souffle available at Direct Cosmetics for £3.99
Elizabeth Arden Bronze Sun Goddess Kit available at Direct Cosmetics for £19.99

Bundles of Joy
Cannot decide on a great gift? Why don't you buy a gift kit or
gift set? As they say 'The More The Merrier', thats what they
will think once they open one of these gifts. There is a gift
set for almost everyone, and there is also a gift set for
every price range.

A Burst Of Cherry Blossoms Gift Set available at L'Occitane for £61.00
Too Faced World Domination World Tour Beauty Collection available at Boots for £25.00
Dove Silk Experience available at Boots for £15.00
TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Collection available at Salon Skincare for £12.00
Dermalogica Skin Care Kit available at Beauty Expert for £19.90

Something for the Guys
Do you know a guy who wants to look his best? Sure you do, and
these gifts will be something he can actually use. Almost every
beauty emporium sells grooming, skin care and cologne that any
guy would love.

Molton Brown Black Pepper Eau de Toilette available at Beauty Expert for £35.00
Vaseline for Men Body and Face Wash available at Superdrug for £1.99
Kiehl's Facial Fuel For Men Gift Set available at SpaceNK for £43.00
Chanel For Men Allure Homme Sport Gift Set available at Direct Cosmetics for £38.99

The Luxe Life
If you got the means to splurge, then why not buy the very best?
These gifts are perfect ways to spoil your best friend, sister or
even yourself! Some of these gifts are big, some are just classy,
but either way you are sure to get a big thank you note for gifts
like these.

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Short Cosmetic Brush Set available at Bobbi Brown for £140.00
Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Parfum Spray available at Estee Lauder for £200.00
ghd Limited Edition Purple Hair Styler Set available at Beauty Expert for £150.00
Chantecaille Bengali Palette available at SpaceNK for £100.00

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bobbi Goes For Glitter

Bobbi Brown always has the most innovative makeup in the
most pretty of colors. I love everything in her lines of
cosmetics, skincare and even fragrance. Right now I am
all about Glitter Lip Balm, which is actually part of
the Copper Diamond look of the holidays 2008.

Glitter Lip Balm
Yes it appears that I have an affinity for limited
edition cosmetics(yes sadly this is limited edition).
This is a lot like their regular lip balm but it also
contains glitter and pearl pigments that gives you a
sexy pout just in time for your holidays. Comes with
a mirrored compact and will be just the thing for a
stocking stuffer!

They come in three glam all new shades:Pink Crystal
which is a warm pink, Crystal Diamond which is more
like a baby pink, and Copper Diamond which is like
a warm copper shade.

Bobbi Brown Glitter Lip Balm is available at Bobbi Brown for $19.00

Bobbi Brown Glitter Lip Balm is available at Bobbi Brown for £13.00

Friday, November 14, 2008

According to the LA Times, nails will get a new edge with
the hottest new color gray! You can read more about it

Some of you may think gray nails are little too weird or
maybe even a little too juvenile, but I think it might be
just the nail color for the upcoming holiday parties(more
about holiday party style later). Here are some of my
choice picks for gray nail polishes and lacquers

Tell me what you think!

OPI Sheer Your Toys is a pale version of this gray
day trend. I would pick this color for anyone who is
either a little wary of this current trend or even
older women who want to remain more sophisticated.
available at Brighton Beauty Supply for $5.95
available at Beauty Expert for £9.75.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle is the rock star
of these shades. Its a classic gray that will surpass all
other gray nail colors.
available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for $18

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here is something new and very wonderful from Estee Lauder, the
new Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang. Its a very intriguing
and feminine oriental fragrance with graceful notes of Vanilla,
warm wintery notes of Sandalwood, and of course Amber as the
three base notes. The middle notes are a little more intense
with sensual Cinnamon, deep Insence, and the delicate Rose
of Bulgaria. The top notes add a little something extra
with Ylang Absolute, Geranium Oil, and Italian Bergomot.

All in all, this is a warm yet delicate fragrance that is
perfect for winter.

Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang Eau de Parfum Spray starts at $65 and its available at Estee Lauder.
Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang Eau de Parfum Spray starts at £50 and its
available at Estee Lauder.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ebay For Real Deals

I am so into designer clothes, but I am so not into the prices.
So where do I go for a great deal on designer pieces and
accessories? Ebay! Sure I like Yoox, Bluefly and Net A
Porter but a real deal is to be found at Ebay!

While Ebay is mostly known as a auction site, in which you bid
along with other people for a certain item, you also have the
option to Buy It Now which is the real deal. You just have to
learn how to navigate it for deals.

For instance, I found two great must haves at great prices, a
Juicy Couture Tracksuit and a Dooney & Bourke Clutch, both of
which are new and under $50!

1-Once you're on the Ebay site, start searching. You
can choose between Search or Advanced Search, I recommend
the Advanced Search simply because you can select
settings to the filter, thus making the search
much quicker.

2-If you've got something in mind type it in the box. For
better results select Exact Words, Exact Order. Select
the Category and Buy It Now. If there's anything else
you want or need, select those options too. Then
click Search.

3-Once you've clicked Search a window should pop up and
check the location your searching. Make adjustments
according to how far you think it should be shipped.

4-Once you reach to the pages, search from Low to High.
When you look in the first two pages you should find a

5-Remember that if you don't find what you are looking
for, keep checking every so often as items and prices
tend to change.