Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love jeans(particularly low-rise styles), but I am not too
keen on belts though. Why is that? I do like some belts but I
just find that most belts are a bit bulky and restrictive. So
what do I do when I wear a pair of pants that don't seem to
fit as well as they should, like when they have the tendency
to keep falling? I wear the revolutionary IsABelt.

It is thin clear piece of plastic that fastens over your pants
like a belt, yet it looks and feels as if you were not wearing
a belt. Its real fashion freedom! Its almost as if you're not
wearing a belt and it can be worn with any color! You can bend
and crouch over freely without any embarrassment. You will no
longer have to pull up your pants or worry about exposing your
derriere. This is truly amazing and no fashionista should be
without one!

Select your size from small(which adjusts to size 6), medium
(adjusts to size 10), large(adjusts to size 14) or plus(which
adjusts up to 50 inches).

They come in four sizes for women(including plus sizes), and
even sizes for children and men!

You can buy IsABelt at fine boutiques or even IsABelt.com for
$16.95(plus size cost $17.95).

For the list of boutiques that includes the United States and United Kingdom.


artfulfrog said...

I really do love it!