Monday, November 10, 2008

November's Online Reads

Gwen Stefani's Beauty Products and Tips
Why she loves goodies from MAC and Kiehl's.

Winter Trend Shopping Guide
Everything from Bold Color Party Dresses, Tartan, Boots, and
much more!

How To Change Your Beauty Routine
Read this if your ready to try something new.

Style Tips from Real People
Why not take some style tips advice from fellow fashionistas?

Denim Style Ideas
Can't figure out what to wear with your denim pants? Get ideas here!

Find Your Nail Polish Color
Not what color is hip, but what color complements you.

Great Boots For under $50!
Heck, its so affordable you can buy 2 pairs.

The Ultimate in Christmas Gift Guides
Ok, ok, this is a link to Elle UK's Christmas Shopping Guide:)

The 10 Items You Need For Pedicures
Trust me, your feet will thank you.


artfulfrog said...

None are as good as yours are.