Friday, November 14, 2008

This Winter's Hottest Nail Color

According to the LA Times, nails will get a new edge with
the hottest new color gray! You can read more about it

Some of you may think gray nails are little too weird or
maybe even a little too juvenile, but I think it might be
just the nail color for the upcoming holiday parties(more
about holiday party style later). Here are some of my
choice picks for gray nail polishes and lacquers

Tell me what you think!

OPI Sheer Your Toys is a pale version of this gray
day trend. I would pick this color for anyone who is
either a little wary of this current trend or even
older women who want to remain more sophisticated.
available at Brighton Beauty Supply for $5.95
available at Beauty Expert for £9.75.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle is the rock star
of these shades. Its a classic gray that will surpass all
other gray nail colors.
available at Rescue Beauty Lounge for $18