Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Want To Pout

Full, luscious lips will always be in style. But this won't
always be around, DuWop's The Perfect Pout Gift Set is only
available at And its limited edtion.

Not only does its come with DuWop's extraordinary lip venom,
it comes with a lipstick and lip pencil liner to complete
your pouty lip look. For those of you who are not familiar
with DuWop lip venom, you should be. Its a colored lip gloss
with essential oils that pump up your lips naturally, plus
deliver an incredible glossy shine.

Did you know the DuWop lip venom was the original lip pumper?

DuWop's The Perfect Pout Gift Set is available at for $36.75.


artfulfrog said...

Luckly, I already got a great pout!

Skechers said...

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