Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Shop In Chic:
I know the holidays are coming and I really want to look
glamourous for the parties I will attend, yet I hate high
heels. So what other options do I have?

Clueless About Footwear

Dear Clueless:
One thing that people always equate with all time beauty
and glamour is high heels. Heck people even wear them to
glam up the casualness of jeans! But just because most
women wear high heels doesn't mean all women do. And
you know what? There is nothing wrong with that! Rest
assure that there are plenty of other options to choose
from, including flats! There are plenty of styles that
are just, if not more, purely elegant. And if you're
planning on dancing the night away, flats are choice.
Besides who really dances in heels anyway? You'll be
the envy of the holiday party.

So what are some good brands to look for? I like the
styles of Stuart Weitzman, like his "Buckballet" gold
flats? I also like Steve Madden's "Kobraa" pink skimmers.
I also find Office to have some pretty darn cute and
stylish flats for holiday parties. Like their "Call
Me Back Bow" black leather flats and "Concave Back
Strap" sandal style blue flats.

Just remember that when you're shopping for dressy
flats, look for special details such as sequins or
embossed leather. You want to shoes to look rather
special not so casual.

Both Stuart Weitzman and Steve Madden shoes are available at

Both Office shoes are available at Office

If you have any questions remember to drop me off an e-mail at
shopinchic83 at Please mention ASKSHOPINCHIC in the
SUBJECT line. Thank you ahead of time!


artfulfrog said...

I like the pink ones!