Sunday, December 7, 2008

US Edition:Holiday Shopping Guide:Hot Fashion Part 1

This is part 2 of US Edition:Holiday Shopping Guide:Hot Fashion
Part 2. And this concludes th US Edtion of the Holiday Shopping
Guide. The UK Edition will be concluding soon.

Stay tuned to more information and ideas for holiday

A new coat can be expensive, so imagine the look on their
face when you give your sister, best friend, or mother a
brand new coat for the holidays. Jackets are also nice to
give, even if its just a simple hoodie.

Black Skull Toggle Hoodie available at Hot Topic for $38.00
Plaid Trenchcoat available at Banana Republic for $275
Women's Denim Jacket available at Old Navy
for $29.50
Women's Quilted Metallic Vest available at Old Navy for $39.50

Shoes,Accessories, and Bags
Who wouldn't love another handbag or pair of shoes? And it
doesn't always have to be designer, Steve Madden does some
pretty darn good knock-offs! Other accessories like hats and
even stylish jewelry work too!

Mohair Fedora available at The Gap for $24.50
Convertable Mittens available at Old Navy for $9.50
Fossil Heart Charm Watch available at Dillard's for $
Dooney & Bourke Zebra Tote available at Dillards's for $295.00
Steve Madden Sedona Pumps available at Steve Madden for $129.95

Sweet Dreams
There is nothing better than going to bed in brand new pajamas!
And if you can, why not add in a cute fuzzy robe or a pair of

Stretch Jersey Short Robe available at The Gap for $39.50
Baby Phat Pajama Set in Plaid available at Macy's for $39.99
Juicy Couture Slippers available at Nordstrom for $64.95
PJ Salvage Pajamas available at Nordstrom
Top $14.99 Bermuda Bottoms $19.99


artfulfrog said...

thanks for sharing! I am shocked to see that Hot Topics coat is cheapest.

shopinchic said...

Hot Topic can have some real bargains if you search.