Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A hairdryer can only go so far, right? Well not with this hair
dryer from Conair, the Infiniti Hair Designer Pro by Conair.
What makes this different from most? Its the only one with
a Triple Action Straightening Attatchment that lets you not
only dry your hair, but straighten it too! It works great
with both very curly and even wavy hair, you control the

Plus it also reduces frizz and emits natural ions for your
hair to look and feel its best. Its even got a cool shot
setting, diffuser and concentrator attachments. This is
simply the coolest hair dryer out there!

Infiniti Hair Designer Pro by Conair is available at Conair for $74.99.


artfulfrog said...

So that was the hairdryer you were talking about today!

shopinchic said...

Exactly! How did you know?!