Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Shop In Chic,

I would love to change my hair color to something fun
and different, but how can I do it at home? I know that
there are a ton of haircolor kits out there, but which
product would be best? Plus, do you have any tips on
doing it yourself?


Dear Need-A-Change,

Looking for a change for 2009? Changing your color is a great
start, but it can also be intimidating, especially if you have
never colored your hair before. If you did not mention that you
wanted to do it at home, I would highly recommend going to the
salon. Heck, I still would recommend that, or having a trusty
friend color your hair with salon quality products(which is
something I do. Thanks Sarah!)

First off, what color do you want and how many shades compared
to your own natural hair color. If it is drastically lighter
or darker than your own, then visit a salon or have a good pal
color your hair for you. If you want something two/three shades
darker or lighter then buy something permanent. If you just want
a slight adjustment then go with a semi or demi-permanent color
that will wash out in a month or less.

When you shop for a box of hair color, remember to look for the
color chart on the back or side of the box, as it will show you
a realistic view of how the new color will look on your natural
color. Once you made the commitment(or bought the kit!), make
sure you thoroughly read the instructions twice. And don't
forget to do a test strand to make sure it exactly what you
want, and even a skin test if its called for. After all you don't
want to color your hair and discover an allergic reaction!

Here are some choice kits to choose from(see above):
Clairol Herbal Essences Knockout Blonde(Shade 16) available at and Boots

Clairol Blackberry-Burgandy Black(Shade 38) available at and Boots

Garnier 100% ColorVibrant Colors by Nutrisse Dark Golden Brown(Shade 433) available at Walgreens and Boots


artfulfrog said...

Your welcome ;)

But you should write something about the dangers of bleaching your hair when it was dyed before hand and hasn't grown out yet.

shopinchic said...

You're right, I will definitely do that!