Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Style Meme

I am new to this whole Meme concept so please forgive
me if I am not doing this right.

First off, what is a fashion blog doing with a Meme? Well a
meme can be about almost anything, so why not style?

P.S. please feel free to copy and post on your own blog, just
leave me a link so I can read it!

The Style Meme

Describe your personal style?

Actually I don't have a personal style, I just wear what I
like. I don't follow trends and celebrities, because not I know
that not everyone can dress like the same stars. I like to wear
what I think is comfortable and stylish. I look at some celebs
and I think "What the...?"

What does Fashion mean exactly?

I gradutated from a Fashion Design/Merchandising program
last summer so I know the answer! Fashion is basicially more
than what we wear, its more than style, its more than a time

Fashion really is everything that includes not only clothes,
but personal taste and cultures as well. Fashion is supposed
to be fun, its an art form. Express yourself!

Why are we slaves to fashion?

Why do you wear killer high heels? Because they look great
and give you confidence! Sometimes we do weird things for the
sake of looking good(like spending a lot on one article of
clothing) and maybe thats a good thing, maybe its a bad thing!
You tell me!

I love style but I do think we need to be a little more practical