Friday, February 15, 2008

Today's Fashion Friday is about dresses for day and night according to your style preference. We start with Sexy,Sweet and Classic this week. Next week we will do
more styles for day and night.

Sexy-You are daring,fun and are not afraid of attention. Your clothes reflect that.You like to show off your best assets in a tasteful manner.
And you are very confident in everything you do,so when you make mistakes you don't cringe you just admit you learned.

Top day dress from J.Crew
Bottom night dress from Dillards

Sweet-You want fun and comfort. You enjoy trends but you also have a personal style.You mix it up and have diverse style,which is yet another reason you share your closet with your friends(other than being sweet)You shy away from things you don't feel comfortable in and thats okay.

Top day dress fromBody Central
Bottom night dress fromJC Penney

Classic-You play by the rules,and you know what you like and that is sophistication.People admire you and ask you for style advice since you serve as a style icon. You don't where anything unless it has a purpose and your closet is never cluttered.

top day dress is fromAnthropologie
bottom night dress is fromBody Central

more coming soon....


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