Saturday, February 9, 2008

Acessories-Spring Bags

Spring means clean,fresh,time to start out new. Which means its time to clean out your closets and dressers and get rid of any musty old turtlenecks and sweaters.
But alas,its so hard to do and it is only February. Some of us still have weeks if not a full blown month of winter left.

So what to do? Why not get a brand new spring handbag?

Time to fantasize.....

Pink tote from Coach

Good for shopping at boutiques,malls,resort vacations.

"Croc" Handbag from Dooney and Bourke

The kind of bag you would take to job interviews,work and business meeting.

Clutch from LOVCAT

Take with you to clubs,parties and bars.

Beach tote from Juicy Couture(yes it comes with towel)

Perfect for the beach,pool parties.

Black tote by Kate Spade.

I think we have a winner.