Friday, April 25, 2008

Hair removal has come a long way from razor blades and
depilatories,and now we have this:no!no!. It looks
somewhat like a razor but its not,its hair reduction that
works with thermal heat technology. Its like professional
hair removal at home. Using this with the buffer will
remove most hair,but still using a razor will acheive
perfect results. But this will change your lfe,you will
never need to go to a salon for hair removal or reduction
again. No more pain,cuts,skin irritation and best of all
this is suitable for everyone's hair types and skin colors.
It also comes in three colors black,blue and pink(shown).

Available Sephora


artfulfrog said...

i need that. i hate shaving,yet i hate those creams even more. how much does it cost?

shopinchic said...

Its over $100