Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best Of The Best

Too Faced cosmetics is celebrating their best beauty
goodies of the last ten years with a makeup kit that
resembles a wardrobe. Start with their exclusive
bronzing powder
by lightly dusting your face,mix a
little of the Sun Bunny Bronzer Duo or Ooh La
La Rouge Blush Duo
together for a little added
definition to your cheekbones. Now you got six Eye
Now line you eyes with soft strokes of
Lava Gloss Eyeliner and top off with Lash
Injection Mascara
. And now your lips are in for
a real treat,choose from Beauty Balm,two
Gossip Glosses
,two Lipsticks,Bauble
,Juicy Jewel Doublesided Gloss Stick,
and Lip Injection

Get your now since its a limited edition.

Available at Too Faced


artfulfrog said...

i dont know about you,but i wouldnt buy from a company named two face. sorry,thats just my own personal thought.

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