Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ask Shop In Chic-Super Sunscreens

What are some good brands of sunscreen that will protect you from all rays?

Dear Sarah,
Walk down any aisle at any drugstore,cosmetic shop,or grocery
aisle and you will find a huge selection of sunscreens and SPF
products thats overwhelming. So what are the best brands of sun
screen to use? I would not go by brand,I would go by SPF factor.
SPF stands for Sun-Protection Factor ,a laboratory measure
ment of the sunscreen's effect. The higher the number,the more
effective it is,for example SPF 15 is more protective than SPF 2.
In fact SPF 15 is the recommended rating for SPF protection,but
you can't go wrong with a higher rating.

So what should you select? Pick a SPF 15 sunscreen to wear
everyday all year round,and then buy a waterproof version
for summer days at the beach and pool. And don't forget
an SPF lipbalm or lipstick,lips can suffer sun damage,too.

And remember that wearing sunscreen is very important to
everyone regardless of skincolor,even black people can get
skin cancer. Sun exposure puts you at risk of almost all
skin cancers,including the deadly melanoma. Wearing suncreen
protects you from sun damage,premature aging and cancer.

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artfulfrog said...

good advice. i need to buy sunscreen soon!