Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like every woman,I want to look my best. Like every human
sometimes I am pressed for time. What to do? Have a few
quick beauty tricks up your sleeve,and that makes all the
difference. On This Works For Me Wednesday I plan
on giving you some of my favorite beauty tricks of all time.

No Time for a Crest White Strip that takes about
half an hour?

I use a Q-Tip dabbed with a little baking soda and
and buff off the stains real quick and then brush my
teeth like regular. Finish with a little Listerine
mouth wash and you're ready to smile.

No time to go and buy these beauty items,but you
need something to use quick?

Body Scrub-Mix a little sugar and honey.
Shaving Cream-Use your hair conditioner.

You want a quick fix for a color boost?
Use sugar-free Kool-Aid! Seriously this one was
in a issue of some magazine. If you got blonde hair
use yellow,for red use cherry,and for dark hair use
purple or black cherry.

If you got any more tips that work for you,please
leave a comment. I look forward to reading your

Please check out Shannon's(she's the host of
Works For Me Wednesday)-blog

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artfulfrog said...

also if you see stains starting on your teeth(they look tiny and lightish),brush ASAP with toothpaste and that will knock them out!

shopinchic said...

Thanks for that one! Thats a very good idea!