Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun Websites I Love

When I’m not writing, I am often found reading. Guess
what? I’m always reading? Fashion magazines, books and
websites(and that includes other blogs). I’m sorta
obsesssed. But I confess there is nothing better than
indulging in a piece of chocolate and reading something
good. I will give you a list of my favorite of the world
wide web of style. Many of these sites offer other reads
as well, such as celebrities, beauty, life, and

And what do you read?

Daily Candy
For the latest and greatest in anything, then you’ve got
to check out Daily Candy. Here’s where you can find out
about local boutiques that are opening near you, get a
healthy dose of culture, find out what’s going on this
weekend, and so much more. You can browse through many
editions including Everywhere(online); local(NYC, LA, Boston,
Dallas, etc), travel, deals, and even kids. You can also
subscribe to get daily email editions.

Style Bakery
Another moutwatering name for a website? Or a website for
the fashion addicted? The latter sums it up. Where else can
you find the perfect LBD, learn how to dress like an It Girl,
and watch fashion videos? Its all here.

This of this as the iVillage for the younger set of women
(past their teens, not quite in their mid-thirties). Like
the name says, most of this is a little glad-rag celeb oriented,
but you can find out valuable fashion, beauty, home decor, food,
and even parenting. And if that’s not enough, they frequently have
some great giveaways.


Anonymous said...

Looooove Daily Candy. Will have to check out the other two.

speel00 said...

None of those sites can compete with yours!