Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Big Bang Theory

Lip gloss is a must in my makeup bag, particularly lip gloss
that plumps up your lips. Unfortunately that usually means
a colored gloss that leaves a slight tingly sting on your
lips, but that is so not the case with Big Bang Illusion
Gloss by Lipstick Queen. This formula is made up of tiny
particles of shimmer that work as an illusion of plumper

Absolutely amazing!

This lip gloss comes in eight luscious shades-each with a
cosmic inspired name. My favorite shades are Black Hole,
Energy, Infinite, and Expansion-as these
shades of red and pink seem to be universally flattering. I'm
not too sure about Time as the color seems to be a little
too gold to be worn on lips. Look at the color chart below-click
photo to enlarge.

Big Bang Illusion Gloss by Lipstick Queen- available at
SpaceNK(both USA and UK websites).


diane said...

I love glosses that plump the lips, double-duty. I've never heard of SpaceNK, but I'll check it out.

speel00 said...

The more they plump, the better my dear to kiss with! hahaha

Grayburn said...

Sounds good! I love the names!

hope you had a great weekend,
xo Grayburn