Friday, August 29, 2008

Cult of Cherry is MAC's newest line of Fall/Winter makeup
collection,and judging by the sexy,sultry shades I am going to make a safe bet this line will start a cult following. Check out the line and video(which is pretty cute).

All in all,the shades are deep and rich yet fun and playful.
Some of the shades are more daytime,and othes are more for
night. But you can mix things up if you want,try out
different looks,its all about play. Here's the

The line includes Lipstick,the New Mattene Lipstick,Tinted Lipglass,Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer in mostly limited edition shades. Check out my shade chart below,click on it for
a better view.

The Lipstick comes in five shades and only three of them
are limited edition:Creme Cerise,Lightly Ripe and So
Scarlet. O and Russian Red are here to stay. Two of
the shades are neutral,one's brown and 2 are truly
reds. Russian Red is the most vibrant and So
Scarlet is a deeper shade.

Mattene Lipstick is a new lipcolor that is not only more
intense,it has a semi-matte finish so it doesn't look so
obvious. It also moisturizes. Three of the colors are
neutral,and the one vibrant shade is more berry than

Tinted Lipglass brings vibrancy and shine to the gloss.
The line's namesake gloss Cult of Cherry brings bright
red and deep all in one. The other four shades are
equally enchanting:sheer pinkish Cherry Blossom,
brownish muave Liquer,sheer grape Jampacked and
frosty red Rich & Ripe.

The line's eyeshadow quads come in three sets to mix
and match different looks. You've got-
Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow X 4:two purplish shades,a deep blue and
neutral creme shade.

Spiced Chocolate Eyeshadow X 4:chocolate
brown,warm pumpkin,deep purple, and a sheer creme.

Tempting Eye Shadow X 4:camel brown
deep brown,vivid green,and a peachy shade.

Now there are only two shades of the Nail Lacquer.
You've got the deep purple of Illegal Purple and
a frosty taupe of Silverstruck.


artfulfrog said...

They always have neat names. I love the nail color, Illegal Purple!