Sunday, August 24, 2008

Check out Fall Fashion 2008:Rocker Chic Style.

Summer may almost be over but that does not stop the newest
crop of floral designs from the Fall 2008 fashion lines.
Its fresh,it seems new,its fun and feminine. What's not
to love?

The thing about floral print is(other than being a primarily
spring trend) that it can be very very very tricky.
Why is that? Some floral printed garments make you look
like a fashion victim,like you took your grandmother's
curtains and turned them into something. To keep from
looking seriously outdated follow these tips:

1-Don't wear a print thats overwhelmingly large for
your figure because its just busy.

2-If you're wearing separates,wear and floral and a
solid. Never wear two different florals together. And
if you are wearing a floral garment,don't add floral
bags or accessories.

3-If you choose floral accessories, thing large
floral prints(like on the lovely Elaine Turner bag
down below.

4-Floral blouses and tops always look best with
blue jeans and black dress pants. You can also
dress up your menswear pants with a floral

Here are some of the best examples of the floral
trend out there.

Stay tuned for more Fall 2008 fashion trend coverage.


artfulfrog said...

I think you could of picked better examples for this guide.

CoutureCarrie said...

I loooove winter florals!!