Sunday, August 17, 2008

Alright,I found this link on MSN,so click and see it
for yourself,Fashion Fads

Its actually a slide show. Lets see what they say.

1.Shoulder Pads-Worn by the late Princess Diana
Yep I will agree with my mom,who actually removed
shoulder pads off her blouses and jackets. I mean
its fine to have huge shoulders if you are a man
(particularly if you're a football player),but
the appearance of big shoulders on women not
only look out of proportion,but make them
also look a bit like clowns. Ridiculous.

2.Ponchos-Worn by J.Lo
Actually I have a poncho that I love. Its a sage green
knit poncho,but its light. Perfect for cooler fall and
spring days. Now the poncho J.Lo is wearing makes her
look like nanook! If you do wear a poncho please
make it knit and more fashiony,otherwise it will look
like someone cut a hole in the middle of their
grandmothers hideous blanket and threw it over
your head.

3-Spandex Pants-Worn by Debbie Harry
Is it Halloween already? Fine for a costume,if you dare,
but as a regular everyday outfit? I don't think so. I
think they pretty much summed it up in the article,
there are too many pitfalls for most women wearing
them. Clothes are supposed to flatter and hide
flaws,not expose them.

4-Midi Length Skirts-Worn by Doris Day
Actually I disagree with this whole heartly. You can't
wear a mini to work, and floor-length would
look dowdy,so what do you wear? Midis are fine
in my humble opinion. Honestly? I am so sick
of seeing teeny tiny skirts,and midis are a
bit refreshing. Keep the minis,but add a
few midis from time to time to keep your
look fresh.

5-Big Hair-Worn by Dolly Parton
Its a safe bet to say anything worn by Dolly is a big
no-no! Sure you can store some small accessories in
it but other than that,why? This is yet another
example of the completely ludicrous things some
will do to look stylish. There comes a time
when you cross the trend line from being
truly stylish to truly hopeless.

6-Stirrup Pants-Worn by models
Confession time:I had a pair of these as a child. I
think they were part of a Beauty and The Beast pant
set. I now shudder. It kinda looks like extra long
tight pants that got worn off at the heel. Please
tell me they don't make these anymore!

7-Visible Thongs-Worn by Gillian Anderson
There's a reason its called underwear,its
supposed to be worn underneath your other
clothes. There's nothing sexy about it. It just
makes you look,well you know..... its a major

8-Mullets-Worn by Michael Bolton
Yet another hair-y situation and a big DON'T! Anyway
isn't a mullet supposed to be a fish? Why choose a
hairstyle named after a fish? But even if it was
called something different the fact would remain
the same,mullets have always been a no. Don't
even ask.....

9-Shrugs-Worn by Shalom Harlow
I admit they are cute,but shrunken clothes should be worn
with caution. Don't wear them over something that already
has long sleeves,don't wear them with pedal pushers,and
don't wear them over loosely fit clothes. They can be
tricky to wear,you don't want to look like your
clothes have shrunk.

10-Harem Pants-Worn by Naomi Campbell
Brace yourself....they are coming back! Unless you're a
genie,these pants just aren't happenin'. They look like
balloons because they are loose fitting and tapered at
the bottom. Really harem pants are just plain foolish.

11-Acid-wash jeans-Worn by Taryn Manning
Grunge is grunge,style is style. You can make grunge stylish,
but acid wash jeans are still out of question. The acid wash
makes denim lose it denim-y appeal. If you want light pants
wear white pants or jeans.

12-Low Rise Jeans-Worn by Lisa Butcher
Believe it or not,low rise can sometimes be better! It sits
low on your hips,so it doesn't go over your waist and
expose a slight belly flab. Granted you should not
wear them with tiny tees,they look best with long
tees,blouses and tunics. And a good belt does

What do you think?


artfulfrog said...

I agree with most of what they said, but I do like low rise jeans. Sorry, but I do!

BTW-It wasn't just the grunge people who wore acid wash jeans, so stop picking on grunge!

CoutureCarrie said...

I totally agree! But sadly acidwash and stirrups seem to be making a comback.
And I'm ashamed to admit it but i kinda love big Texas hair!!!

Awesome post :)