Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Miracle For Dry Skin

I have had a dry skin problem for years,and even though
I currently live on the east coast,its still something
I battle. I have also tried many different lotions,which
to my dismay have always felt slick and greasy. And a few
of the lotions that are not greasy don't work as well.

I have just discovered Theraplex,a line of skincare products that are formulated by actual dermatologists.

Back in 1990,Swiss scientest Dr. H.R. Suess created and
patented a special formula that contained petrolatum
that could work as a moisturizer and skin protective
barrier. They have four products that work beautifully
for those with seriously parched skin.

Not only does these products work,they are also noncomedogenic,
hypoallergenic,fragrance free and they don't test on animals.

Clear Lotion-
Don't be fooled,this is definitly lotion even though it
feels and looks like a pure liquid. Rub this lotion on
your dry skin right after a shower so your skin can seal
in moisture. My skin definitely felt softer after the
first use. You can also use this a makeup remover or to
help soothe a sunburn.

This not only works as a daily face moisturizer,you can
also use it on your body. I put this on right before my
makeup,and I swear it could work as a primer,my makeup
stayed on. This is also great for those with acne and
those with hypoallergenic skin who have a hard time
finding the ideal moisturizer.

FT Exfoliating Emollient-
Ideal for extra dry feet,I put this on right after I
used the Clear Lotion. It works wonderfully. Even though
it says it exfoliating,you don't wash this off. My feet
are no longer feeling so dry and itchy. You can also use
this on other really dry areas. This lotion is a bit
thicker than most,but its not greasy at all.

This looks and feels a lot like Exfoliating Emollient,
and again this is ideal for all dry skin including
Eczema and Psoriasis among others. Luckily I don't
have those problems,but I still found benefit from this.


artfulfrog said...

Does it come with green eggs and ham?

Gloria said...

dry skin isn't a problem for me-- it's oily skin!