Sunday, August 3, 2008

Burberry The Beat is the newest fragrance from guess......Burberry! This fragrance is very energetic for a woodsy floral based scent. Just smelling this wonderful scent makes me feel energetic,which helps when I write my blog. Its so sexy and dynamic.

Its ingredients include ceylon tea,white musk,vetiver,cedarwood,
bergamot,cardamom,iris,mandarin,pink pepper and bluebell. All in
all its a fun,feminine fragrance that I can imagine Britsh models
wearing. I would take a wild guess that this will be the
fragrance of Fall 2008!


artfulfrog said...

Smells like soda!

Hmm...saying that makes me think of Nirvana?!

CoutureCarrie said...

I love Burberry's scents for women . . . they are so musky and rich!

Btw, I am a not-so-natural blonde as well, and I stress WAY less about my roots now (did you see that recent pic of Madonna with like an inch of regrowth?!).