Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bring back the glamour of Old Hollywood with sultry eye makeup
and luscious red lips. Lancome's C'est Magnifique is the new
makeup collection is featuring the sexiest colors you'll
ever see. Check out the Lancome site(see below) for new
looks to create with this wonderful line(among others).

This is the only line that I've seen mix dark vampy shades with
bolder colors to create an outstanding look. Love it!

Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quads
The finest of eye shadows makes for easy blending, thanks
to the micro-aired powder technology.

There is two quad palettes:Glamour Premiere and Hollywood Seductive.
Glamour Premiere has a midnight blue, pale lavendar, deep yellow,
and cream. Hollywood Seductive has a burgandy brown, rust brown,
deep orange and vanilla cream. Both palettes are limited edtion.

Juicy Tubes
This limited edition of Juicy Tubes feature five diverse yet
extraordinary colors.
The colors-
Showered In Diamonds:Clear
Luscious In Lace:Nude Brown
Icons Of Stage:Deep Berry Red
Pretty In Pink:Light Pink
In All Her Splendor:Cherry Red

Le Vernis Nail Polish
This long-lasting nail laquer also contains MSM, which is
proven to keep nails naturally gorgeous and healthy. They
have two very different limited edition shades.

In All Her Splendor:Cherry Red
Midnight Glam:Midnight Blue

Le Rouge Absolu Lipstick
This lipstick contains SPF and Vitamin E for healthy and
fuller looking lips. There are four shades that are darker
and neutral enough for the line.

Cinema Noir:Deep Plum
Bordeaux:Reddish Brown
Pampered:Baby Pink
Golden Girl:Warm Tan

Sensational Effects Shimmering Eye Stylo
Its a loose powdery eyeshadow that you draw on with a
pen(the one if comes with of course). It glides easily
for a pretty sparkle. It comes in three eye popping

Fashion Flair Bronze:Sparkly Brown
Award Winning Gold:Warm Yellow
Modelesque Plum:Purple with Yellow Flecks

Check out the entire line, beauty tips and ideas and more at Lancome.


artfulfrog said...

Pretty colors, though for a holiday collection, I would of choosen more reds and golds.

shopinchic said...

Yeah, but I think they were going for a sexier vibe for night.