Monday, October 13, 2008

Look Pretty And Save The Sea

I always want to look my best, and at the same time I would
like to keep the ocean at its best as well(I do love little
fishies...) so I very excited about Chantecaille's
Protected Paradise Eye and Face Palettes.

These palettes are embossed with a tiny design of a scenic
ocean life. The face palette contains Pink Sand, Coral,
and Sunrise yellow.

The eye palette contains three diverse but very oceanic
colors of Golden Rose, Aqua blue, and Marine Green.

And as with all Chantecaille products, you can count on
the soft pigments and high quality shimmer. And they
come in a galvanized nickel case with a mirror.

But the best part? When you purchase these two items,
5% of the proceeds go to Pew Institute for Ocean
Science, where they conserve the natural habitat
of the seas.

Chantecaille Palletes are $90 each and are available at Bliss World


artfulfrog said...

I like fishies, so do cats. lol But only 5% of the price goes to save the fishies, and the price is $90.00. That doesnt seem fair.

shopinchic said...

Yeah I wish it was more than 5%.