Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eye Makeup That Lasts

Bobbi Brown has created a new genius eye palette with smudge
proof eye makeup(including eyeliner and shadow). These
palettes contain her Long-Wear Cream Shadows and Long-
Wear Gel Eyeliner, so you know that these will make
terrific gifts for the upcoming holidays, even if
the gift is for yourself! And really, who could
blame you, these kits are just the perfect
thing to create the sexy nighttime look.

There are two palettes in the collection, and both are limited
editon. There is Moon Rock Long Wear Eye Palette and Night Sky
Long Wear Eye Palette.

Moon Rock Palette
This kit comes with two shadows and two eyeliners in rich
colors. You've got the light Gold Drop and the earthy
mineral dust shadows. And complete the look with the
deep brown Espresso and deep purple Black Topaz eye

Night Sky Palette
Like the previous kit above, you get two shadows and two
eyeliners. This time the colors are more dramatic. You've
got the light blue Rockstar and the dark blue Ocean Storm
shadows. And finish off with Black Ink or deep blue
Thunder Storm eyeliners.

What do you think of these wonderful new palettes?


artfulfrog said...

Most eye makeup will last as long as you dont wipe your eyes :P