Friday, October 3, 2008

Total Guide To Perfume

Perfume is a quissential beauty product, as scent can transform one's
mind on appearance. It can benefit you not only in the romance
department, it can also help people make judgments on your
personality. And really its true, as your tastes and style
take into account for what you like to wear.

Fragrance is also a great way to change the mood. Some scents
make you more cheerful, others help calm and sedate. All
scents are made up of smaller fragrant compounds called
notes, and each note has diverse scent that helps make
each perfume unique. Notes can be solvents, essential
oils or anything with fragrant nature.

Notes usually come in threes:top notes, middle notes and base
notes. Smelling the notes in a perfume is kind of like playing
with cootie catcher, if you know what I mean. The top notes
are what you smell upon first spray, middle notes are the
emerging notes that come after, and base notes are what
you smell with the middle notes, but this is the scent
that stays.

Perfumes also come in families, or types. The fragrance wheel
divides them into four types:Floral Notes, Oriental Notes,
Woodsy Notes and Fresh Notes. Again, each of these are
divided by three sub-types. Some of these notes are
come from natural deriatives, and other come from
synthetic means. Read further about each type
and scent recommendations.

Floral Notes-These notes come in either Floral, Soft
Floral, or Floral Oriental. The Floral can be either made
from a single flower(such as a Rose) or from a floral mix
(made from several varieties), which is also called a

The Best Picks:Amor Amor by Cacharel, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Sunflowers
by Elizabeth Arden

Oriental Notes-The most exotic of fragrances, many Orientals
smell rich and deep. They come in Floral Oriental, Soft Oriental,
Oriental, and Woodsy Oriental, and often contain Amber,Musk and

The Best Picks:Crystal Noir by Versace, L for Women by Lolita Lempicka,
Opium by YSL

Woodsy Notes-A mix of deep and fresh, woodsy smells can
come in a variety. There's Woody Oriental, Mossy Woods, and
Dry Woods. These often feature notes of Cinnamon, Sassafras,
Sandalwood, Cedar and Pine.

The Best Picks:Alien for Women by Theirry Mugler, Pleasures by Estee
Lauder, The Beat for Women by Burberry

Fresh Notes-The lightest smells, yet the deepest impact
of natural scents come in Fruity/Citrus, Water, and Green. A
lot of different natural and synthetic notes are used to
make the scents of Lemon or Orange, and is often
combined with Florals.

The Best Picks:Be Delicious for Women by DKNY, Cool Water for Women
by Davidoff, Still by J.Lo


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