Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall/Winter Shopping Guide 2008

Welcome to Shop In Chic's official fall/winter shopping
guide. Every season I will post a new shopping guide
to help you sort out what you have, what you need,
and find where to get the essentials.

I will cover clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
This will guide you in every aspect of style,
trends and what looks best on you.

Fall/Winter Essential List-
Fall is a fun time to dress. The colors, the textures,
the styles, the trends. It can be overwhelming, but
once you know your personal taste ,it makes
shopping much more easy. So take the time
to look through your closet, make a list
of what you have, don’t need or want,
and so forth…

Now here is the of all the fall and winter essentials:

Sweater dress
Sheath dress
Belted dress
Nice party dresses(for the holidays)
Cardigan sweater
Pullover sweater
Button down blouses
Long sleeve(and quarter sleeve) tees
Fun colorful blouses
Denim jacket
Leather jacket
Corduroy pants
Dress pants
Dress skirt
Fun mini skirt(not too short)
Long skirt
Pencil skirt
Puffer coat
Cute outerwear vest
Pea coat
Faux fur coat

Fall/Winter Accessory List
You may have some of these, but you may not have all of
the accessories mentioned here. Unlike the first list
you don't need everything on this list, but at least one
pair of each of the shoes mention here, and several of
small accessories. Small accessories won't cost as much
as the the others so you can buy cheap stuff and have
fun with it.

Black tote bag
Solid bright color handbag
Snakeskin bag
Colorful clutch
Black pumps
Colorful athletic shoes
Ankle boots
Knee-high boots
Snakeskin pumps
Gladiator sandals
Black hat(could be floppy, fedora, etc)
Bold belt
Fine gold or silver jewelry(at least one piece)

What Works For You
Everyone one is different looks and taste-wise. And while
I don't know what you like, I do know what looks best on
what body type. While almost anyone can wear what’s on
these lists, this is just a small guide to what
flatters you the most.

Thin Figures
Fitted sweaters/blouses, printed tops and dresses,
skinny jeans, pencil skirts

Curvy Figures
Maxi dresses, long flowy caftans and tunics, empire tops
and dresses, moderate to low rider jeans, a-line skirts

Top Heavy
Kimono tops, flowy blouses, loose fitting trousers, wide leg

Bottom Heavy
Maxi dresses, wide leg jeans and pants, flowy knee length
skirts, a-line skirts

Tall figures
Maxi dresses, shrunken fit blouses and jackets, crop pants,
belted tops/dresses

Petite figures
Flowy dresses and tops, low-rise and mid-rise jeans, short
skirts, shrunken fit blouses and jackets

Where To Buy
Now I will leave links to the best websites to find the fashions
you want for fall/winter.

Best Selection Cheap-Target
Best Selection Moderate-Dillard’s
Best Selection Pricey-Nordstrom
Best Selection of Jeans-Revolve Clothing
Sexiest Casual Fall/Winter Apparel-Body Central
Sexiest Party/Date Apparel-Rampage
Sexiest Athletic/Lounge Apparel-Bebe Sport
Sexiest Work Apparel-Cache
Choice For Teens-Alloy
Choice For 20 something/30 something-New York and Company
Choice For 40 something and up-Cold Water Creek
Choice For Shoes-Zappos
Choice For Bags-Nine West
Choice For Accessories-eLuxury
Choice For Fashion Jewelry-All The Rage
Choice For Fine Jewelry-Blue Nile


artfulfrog said...

Good tips, but how can a cropped/fitted top be good for a tall person? Wouldn't it be too short on them?