Monday, May 11, 2009

Max Factor's newest mascara really isn't a mascara, it is
a lash plumper. The new 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper
lengthens and fattens your lashes with a patent fat-wrap
formula. Now fat isn't a good thing, but when it comes to
lashes, heaven knows I need help! I'm always game for
great mascaras(and now lash plumpers).

When I tried the new 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper, I
used a minimal amount(as I always do), and I really didn't
see the results that I was looking for. I was wondering this
aloud one day and my sister suggested that maybe I wasn't
putting enough lash plumper. So I suggested that she try putting
on the makeup(she does fab makeup and even bleaches my hair, and
she's not even a hair colorist or cosmetic artist)on my lashes,
and when she did we both noticed that my lashes are magniified
(albeit a bit clumpy). I almost always use minimal makeup so I
assumed that I wouldn't need a lot of this to make my lashes
bigger. But after about three coats(I usually use only 1 coat)
of 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper, I noticed my lashes looked
as plump as they should. Who needs mascara now?

The moral of the story: I know they always say that less is more,
but sometimes more is better. Escpecially when it comes
to getting great lashes with 200 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper.
Love this!