Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Is Your Fashion No-Go?

What's your fashion deal breaker? Here's an article
from Shine about just that.

What are moi's deal breakers(style wise)? No
matter how stylish a pair of jeans look, if they
are really high-waisted, forget it. High wasted
jeans make your torso look shorter(and thus a
little more frumpy), and more often than not,
emphasize the belly.

Other deal breakers include sloppy looking pieces.
For instance, I will find a dress with the perfect
color or print, but if the cut isn't right,forget
it. I don't like clothes that are overly structured
or too loose.

What are your style deal breakers? Do share them!


speel00 said...

High heels and jeans! They do not go together at all. Also colors that are too close to skins tones should not be warn. I have so many, so I won't bore you with any more. :P

Marian said...

its hard to state specifics but what can say is i cant wear or buy anything that does not feel like me. if it does not feel right or have this certain chemistry i cat wear it whatever the label.
muah x