Monday, May 4, 2009

Fight The Frizz

Summer brings out humidity, and humidity can often
bring out the nuisance called frizz, particularly if
your hair is naturally wavy or curly. But frizz can
also be brought on by other things like bleaching or
harsh chemicals, over usage of heat appliances, and even
(contrary to first statement) a lack of moisture. You
can tame and treat your unruly frizz and here’s how.

1- Moisturize Your Hair. Regardless the cause of your
frizz, your hair still needs extra moisture, so make
sure you use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners at
least 5 times a week(roughly every two days).

Try Paul Mitchell Daily Moisture Shampoo and Treatment
conditioner-available at Trade Secret Salons.

2- Use Extra Conditioning If You Need To. Use a hair
mask or deep conditioning about once or twice a week to
fortify your hair. You can also use a daily leave-in
conditioner if your hair not so damaged.

Try Pantene Pro-V Detangling Light-Conditioning Spray-
available at drugstores.

3- Reduce The Heat. If you can, try to limit your hair
drying time, or stop using hair dryers all together.
Same goes for straightening and curling irons.


Grayburn said...

Yup, stopping hairdryer really helps me. It helps to sleep on it overnight too! I would know since I'm super frizzed in the summer.

hope all is well!

speel00 said...

I do not get frizzy hair during the summer, so yay!