Friday, May 1, 2009

Kmart Sells Cute Footwear

Here is an interesting article about Kmart stores selling
fashionable foorwear. The article is from Daily Candy.

So, you’ve been overhauling your wardrobe for the summer.
You’re set with everything from head to ankle, but your
budget flat lined before reaching your toes.

Luckily there’s the Joe Boxer Canvas collection from Kmart.
Like everything else in the store’s newly updated shoe department,
the line offers quality and styles at prices that won’t break
(or even dent) the bank.

Joe Boxer Canvas shoes (a.k.a. the perfect summer multitaskers)
come in an array of splashy colors and styles. And because they
start at just $12.99 a pop, you can keep a pair at home, a set at
work, even a few in the backseat of your car (for quick changes
on the go).

Check out the entire selection of surprisingly chic footwear at
Kmart! Plus, buy any pair from the Joe Boxer Canvas collection
before May 2 (in-store or online) and you’ll get 50 percent off
a second pair.

That’ll start the summer off on the right foot!


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Fabuless Beauty said...

Interesting...I haven't walked into Kmart in years!

Shirley said...

Sounds interesting.!! I will certainly visit Kmart to check out the entire Joe Boxer Canvas shoes collection.