Friday, January 9, 2009

I got a great new job working for a creative company! I
am so excited to start. But don't know what to wear as I am
leaving an office where the style choices were more frumpy
than interesting. What do you suggest I do? I don’t want to
start out with a brand new wardrobe, especially when my other
clothes are still wearable.


Dear Help,
First off, congratulations on getting a job! Now the
only hard part is that you need to change your wardrobe now
that you changed your career. Look into your closet and decide
what to mix casual and professional style with. Instead of
blazers, try wearing a button down blouse over a camisole and
then closing it with a belt? You can also wear fun, funky skirts
in materials such as velvet or perhaps dark denim. If you’re
lucky enough to wear denim at your new job, then buy all means
do so! Denim is so versatile, as you can dress up or down a
notch, just try and stick with a dark wash though. Don't forget
to check your shoes and bags to make sure they're workable with
the look you're going for.

Believe it or not, you might want to purchase a few small new
items to work into your wardrobe. You need key pieces to build
on, plus a girl deserves to splurge a little when she gets a
new job. What to look for? Modern twists on classic essentials,
like a belted sheath dress. Casually crisp blouses and tops are
more good options. And if you don't already, try to buy some
dark denim jeans. Remember the look you're going for when you
are making your purchase, keep it light, airy with a touch of

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artfulfrog said...

Good tips! I hope that helps a lot of people.