Friday, January 2, 2009

Bath Time Treats

Here are four great picks just for those winter baths that
we so crave.

Ahava Dead Sea Salts

There are bath salts, and then there are healing bath salts.
This contains natural minerals including sodium, potassium,
magnesium and calcium. The end result is softer skin and
relaxed muscles.

Buy Ahava Dead Sea Salts at Bath and Body Works for $15

LaSource Bath Tablets

One blue tablet turns your bathroom into a sea inspired spa.
The bath turns into a pretty blue color and the air is scented
with an ocean-y fragrance. And I love ocean fragrance!

Buy LaSource Bath Tablets at Crabtree and Evelyn for $30

Botanics Luxurious Bath Exlir

One look at this jar and you would think its honey. But no
this is a bath exlir thats true to its name of luxurious.
It contains natural plant extracts and Icelandic moss for
soothing hyrdration effects.

Buy Botanics Luxurious Bath Exlir at Boots for £3.92

Space NK Energising Candle

Now usually we take baths to unwind and relax, but sometimes
we take them to get more energy. This helps boost your natural
energy with geranium and bergamot essential oils. Plus its
got a refreshing fragrance.

Buy Space NK Energising Candle at SpaceNK for