Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do you have a closet full of perfectly good clothes and
accessories that you just never wear? Do you have friends,
sisters, and cousins with the same problem? Then host a
Clothes Swap Party! It is a simple way to trade the things
you never wear for wonderful garments you will love.
Everybody participates and everybody wins!

Once you got a nice pile of clothes, shoes, bags and
accessories that you just don’t want anymore-yet you
cannot just throw them away, its time to make the
invitations and craft the details.

You could go to a store like Party City and buy some
already made invitations. Better yet, you can be creative
and pick up a good software to create and print custom
invitations at home.

Buy Hallmark Studio 2009 to help you make custom invitations, e-cards, and party planning.

Make a list of who you want to invite and make sure it
says clearly on the invite that you would like for everyone
to bring in at least 5 garments/accessories in perfectly
good condition. Now it doesn’t have to be five, just make
a number and stick with it.

Buy a clothes rack, hangers and some good stackable tables
to show of the wears, just go to Target. You can get creative here, just think like a boutique.

And why not stock up on large(and small) bright colorful gift bags
for your guests to take home their new found fashions?

For snacks, crudités will be a good option, just be careful
about what you use for a dipping sauce. You don’t want people
to accumulate stains on the clothes. You can also use precut
fruits, cookies, candy and even little crackers . Another option
is to serve food after everyone makes their trades. As for
beverages, you could set up a water bar with a mix of bottled
waters, plastic cups, and fresh lemon slices or cherries.

Clothes Swap There are several ways to go about the
trading of your clothes and accessories. The first way is the
Boutique Party, just simply take the garments the guests are
willing to swap and arrange them on hangers or fold the pieces
like they do in retail establishments. Just beautifully arrange
everything like you would a boutique. The guests will “shop” for
clothes they like. Auction Style is another idea. This works best
when you and guests have a lot of items to trade. Each guest gets
a turn to select an item(or items) and she tries to “sell” the item
to other guests. Each guest has a pen and pad and writes down an
item(s) that they would like to trade. The guest offering the current
trade will then decide which guest has the best item to trade with.
Everybody goes home with something they’ll love.

This is the most fun and economical way to get “new” clothes, shoes,
bags, and jewelry.

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artfulfrog said...

Who wants to part with their clothes though?