Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fringe Benefits

Perfecting our eyelashes is a hard thing to do sometimes. You can
curl them and wear mascara, but sometimes they don't last long
enough. Thats where false eyelashes come in, they're often easy
to use and last longer than mascara(escpecially if you're like
me with bad allergies where I am forever rubbing off my eye
makeup). Check out MAC's wonderful selection of false eyelash
sets. Most of them are here to stay, but two noteable sets
are limited edition. I'll tell you which ones they are as
you read below.

Top L to R
Blinking Cool Lash
The more normal lash gives you two slightly different lengths
in each false lash. The natural hair lashes(um...does that mean
its made of real human eyelashes?) look different without being
too terribly bold. They flirty, but not striking, if you know
what I mean. These are also limited edition.

7 Lash
Even less bold, these will blend in naturally for the perfect
everyday look.

6 Lash
Rock star lashes in full effect! They add length and drama to
your natural lash line.

Bottom L to R
42 Lash
Big lashes in fashion? You better believe it! These are incredibly
long black lashes with gold strands for a look I could only describe
as catwalk meets Hollyood. But they're limited edition.

36 Lash
Its a lot of lash, but a simpler look.

2 Lash
It may not look as full as say, 42 Lash, but these lashes are
quite long and graceful looking.

Each lash set at MAC's USA store is $12.00

Each lash set at MAC's UK store is £7.34.

Buy any of the lash sets at MAC's USA store and MAC's UK store.


artfulfrog said...

Would the false lashes tickle your eyes though?