Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Essie's Spring 09 Line

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Just in time for summer(okay, I mean spring), Essie has six
hot new nail colors that will take you back the long lost
days of your childhood summers. Vivid shades that will take
you back to family vacations, beach trips and even slumber
parties you had with your friends. Bright shades similar to
the polishes you and your friends would try sitting on the
lawn on lazy summer afternoons. No doubt wearing these colors
will bring new and unforgettable summer memories.

1-One Of A Kind: A coral-y shade that will make
you want head to the beach in new flip-flops.

2-Mesmerize: This actually takes me back to the
pretty crystal blue summer skies of Colorado where I spent
most of my childhood.

3-Flawless: A girly-girl shade. I love pink.
Always have and I always will. Perfect for french

4-Status Symbol: A more vibrant pink with reddish
tones. If you wear Flawless on your hands, wear Status
Symbol on your feet.

5-Lacquered Up: Bright, juicy red. Perfect for a
little drama, escpecially at night.

6-Eternal Optimist: The most neutral of shades,
its kind of a soft sandy color.

Essie's nail polish line can be found at The Beauty Sak for $8.00 and Debenham's for £8.95


artfulfrog said...

Yippe! Lovely colors, truely. But I like purple-pinks the best.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous colors!! & i know - isn't it a pity that MAC's collaborations are limited edition? i fell in love with their pink-nude lipstick for barbie - it was perfect! i ended up buying a few tubes :) call me crazy!

La C.

shopinchic said...

Arfulfrog- I know you love bright colors, and I agree about the purple-pinks hues.

LaCouturiernyc- There is nothing crazy about buying several tubes of lipstick, its called smart

Fabuless Beauty said...

I have a thing for pinks...Flawless...I'm loving.

Couture Carrie said...

Oooooh I love these, esp. #2!


La Couturier said...

haha alas, someone who understands my need to by limited edition lipstick colors!! :) thank you!

my mother was thoroughly convinced i was being excessive. but it really was THE color! :)

La C.

shopinchic said...

Fabuless Beauty- I love pink nail lacquers, lipsticks, lipgloss, etc.

Couture Carrie- I agree, and I think the color name is fitting

La Couturier- I know, some people just don't understand! My sister and mother think I tend to overspend on beauty products and clothes.

LJ said...

cute colors! mine are painted blue at the moment..

xx-LJ from SOS!

shopinchic said...

LJ- Blue nail polish is the bomb!

Michelle said...

If you wear Flawless on your hands, wear Status
Symbol on your feet.
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